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The Traptanium Portal is the version of the Portal of Power for the game Skylanders: Trap Team. It has a completely different design compared with the first and second ones. The Traptanium Portal has color-changing rims, a slot for the Traps to slide into, and a built-in speaker for unique voices of captured villains where the Villain Vault is located.

The tablet version of the portal has a controller in a compartment on the bottom, and does not feature a speaker. It is included with the tablet starter packs of Trap Team and the iOS starter pack of SuperChargers. Its design is more similar to earlier portals, with a thick solid color base featuring several Skylands Runes, and a color-changing circular platform on top.

Villain Vault

The Villain Vault is a feature currently exclusive to Skylanders: Trap Team. It allows the player to capture bosses once they defeat them. To catch a villain, one must simply place a trap in the slot above the Villain Vault after defeating them. The villain will then be captured and placed in the trap, while complaining about its new jail cell. The trap now allows the player to use the villain instead of a Skylander.

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  • The symbol of the Shattering Sigil is embedded on the lower part of the cage.
  • The Traptanium Portal is absent in the 3DS version.
  • Unlike the other portals where each are only compatible on certain Skylanders games, the Traptanium Portal can be used on all six console games.