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Traptanium in crystal form.

Traptanium is a magical, key substance in Skylanders: Trap Team that is capable of subduing creatures to trap them inside it. It is the strongest material ever discovered in Skylands and can't be destroyed by other known materials besides Traptanium. The Trap Masters use weapons crafted from Traptanium to help them defeat and secure villains, and it is also capable of harnessing elemental power.

In Trap Team, only Trap Masters are capable of destroying Traptanium crystal clusters that will unlock a secret area or rare treasure.


When the ancient Portal Masters discovered that powerful villains couldn't be contained in any normal prison, they built one out of Traptanium known as Cloudcracker Prison to hold the evil characters. The prison itself was attacked by the evil Portal Master, Kaos, who blew up its walls, allowing the villains to escape and the Trap Masters to become banished from Skylands to Earth. The remains of Traptanium prison walls became shards called Traps, which allow the new Portal Masters to capture the villains that are weakened with the Traptanium Portal of Power.

The Doom Raiders plotted to use Traptanium to construct their ultimate weapon and use its power to rule over Skylands. However, as Kaos would later prove, it grants a Portal Master limitless power after being charged with high Stinkosity levels, also allowing the user to see distant planes and worlds, warp reality and create Traptanium weapons of their own.

During the events of Skylanders: SuperChargers, Master Eon (who regained most of his body as a spirit) is trapped within a knockoff traptanium crystal[1] by Kaos, kept imprisoned in the Dehabilitation Center until he was rescued by the Skylanders.

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  • Kaos was able to shatter the Traptanium walls of Cloudcracker Prison by using the Fork of Infinite Resonance to make the Traptanium shatter itself apart.
    • In SuperChargers, Mags was able to break a Traptanium crystal holding Master Eon's spirit form with a single swing from her wrench, despite the material being extremely resilient to anything except powerful vibrations. This is because, according to the writer David Rodriguez, Eon was trapped in knockoff Traptanium that Count Moneybone used while cutting corners to maximize profits in his prison resort. Moneybone's dialogue that would've explained this were never implemented in the final game.[1]