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Traps are crystal figures used to capture villains in Skylanders: Trap Team. They are made of Traptanium and are shattered fragments of Cloudcracker Prison. Each trap is associated with an element needed to capture elemental villains. Traps are placed in a slot on the Traptanium Portal when a villain is defeated to capture the villain.


In Skylanders: SuperChargers, when placed in the portal, your Vehicle will receive an elemental power based on the trap's element and a special Skystone for Skystones Overdrive depending on which villain is trapped inside. In the Wii version of SuperChargers Racing, when placed in the portal, your Vehicle will receive a stat boost depending on the trap's element.

In Skylanders: Battlecast, Jawbreaker, Snap Shot and Krypt King carry Traps that act as Relics, being able to temporarily summon Dr. Krankcase, Chill Bill and Masker Mind respectively.

In Skylanders: Imaginators, the traps function the same way as in SuperChargers during the raceway part of the game. In the normal part of the game, they only give you 500 gold. They cannot be used in the Nintendo Switch version of Imaginators.[1]

List of Traps

Traps Element
Air Traps.png Air Traps
  • Breezy Bird (Toucan)
  • Cloudy Cobra (Snake)
  • Cyclone Sabre (Sword)
  • Drafty Decanter (Jughead)
  • Storm Warning (Screamer)
  • Tempest Timer (Hourglass)
Dark Traps.png Dark Traps
  • Dark Dagger (Sword)
  • Ghastly Grimace (Handstand)
  • Shadow Spider (Spider)
Earth Traps.png Earth Traps
  • Banded Boulder (Orb)
  • Dust of Time (Hourglass)
  • Rock Hawk (Toucan)
  • Rubble Trouble (Handstand)
  • Slag Hammer (Hammer)
  • Spinning Sandstorm (Totem)
Fire Traps.png Fire Traps
  • Blazing Belch (Yawn)
  • Eternal Flame (Torch)
  • Fire Flower (Scepter)
  • Scorching Stopper (Screamer)
  • Searing Spinner (Totem)
  • Spark Spear (Captain's Hat)
Kaos Traps.png Kaos Traps
  • The Kaos Trap
  • Ultimate Kaos Trap
Life Traps.png Life Traps Life
Light Traps.png Light Traps
  • Beam Scream (Yawn)
  • Heavenly Hawk (Hawk)
  • Shining Ship (Rocket)
Magic Traps.png Magic Traps
  • Arcane Hourglass (Hourglass)
  • Axe of Illusion (Axe)
  • Biter's Bane (Log Holder)
  • Rune Rocket (Rocket)
  • Sorcerous Skull (Skull)
  • Spell Slapper (Totem)
Tech Traps.png Tech Traps
  • Automatic Angel (Angel)
  • Factory Flower (Scepter)
  • Grabbing Gadget (Hand)
  • Makers Mana (Flying Helmet)
  • Tech Totem (Tiki)
  • Topsy Techy (Handstand)
Undead Traps.png Undead Traps
  • Dream Piercer (Captain's Hat)
  • Grim Gripper (Hand)
  • Haunted Hatchet (Axe)
  • Spectral Skull (Skull)
  • Spirit Sphere (Orb)
  • Spooky Snake (Snake)
Water Traps.png Water Traps
  • Aqua Axe (Axe)
  • Flood Flask (Jughead)
  • Frost Helm (Flying Helmet)
  • Soaking Staff (Angel)
  • Tidal Tiki (Tiki)
  • Wet Walter (Log Holder)
Legendary Traps
Legendary Traps.png Legendary Traps
  • Legendary Flood Flask (Water Jughead)
  • Legendary Spectral Skull (Undead Skull)
  • Legendary Spirit Sphere (Undead Orb)

List of SuperChargers Racing Stat Boosts

  • Kaos Trap: All 5 stats
  • Light or Air Trap: Top Speed
  • Magic or Undead Trap: Acceleration
  • Tech or Water Trap: Handling
  • Dark or Fire Trap: Firepower
  • Earth or Life Trap: Armor



  • Apparently the inside of the traps smell like mustard according to some villains.
  • The Rune Rocket and the Shining Ship resemble the rocket on the Toys For Bob logo.
  • While most of the Traps are translucent, the Kaos Traps are the only ones that are opaque.
    • The inside of Tech and Light Traps are slightly dense.
  • The difference between the original and Ultimate versions of the Kaos Traps are as followed:
    • The original is available in single packs. Kaos' forehead markings are slightly hollowed in.
    • The Ultimate Kaos Trap available exclusively from the Skylanders: Trap Team Dark Edition Starter Packs. Kaos' eyes, forehead and face markings are printed in silver. Also, Kaos' head is bigger than the original's.
  • The Flood Flask, Spirit Sphere and Spectral Skull have Legendary versions that come in Micro Comic Fun Packs.
  • Rubble Trouble has an Easter Bunny version. However, instead of appearing as a differently-colored variant in the game, it only appears as a normal Earth Handstand Trap.
  • In Skylanders: Trap Team "The Discovery Trailer", the Ultimate Kaos Trap prototype appeared to have no silver printed markings and Kaos element icon, and has a slightly hollowed-in forehead symbol.
    • Several traps in the trailer, such as the Undead Angel, Tech Hammer, Life Hand, and Earth Logholder were concept traps and never made it to the final stage.
  • The Shrub Shrieker, Blazing Belch, and Beam Scream were only commercially released in regions of Australia. They did not see an North American, nor a European release, making them incredibly difficult to get a hold of and are now some of the most expensive Skylander figures on the aftermarket to date.
  • During the racing parts in Story Mode and Racing, all Traps that are placed in the portal slot only show the same shape of the Undead Orb (Spirit Sphere) or Earth Orb (Banded Boulder) while in all different colors.
  • While most of the Traps shoot one shot of ammo at a time, Magic Traps shoot double homing ammos, Tech can blast three ammos in different directions.
  • As shown in Rift into Overdrive and Battlecast, the Traps are larger to Skylander characters than to players, big enough to be held like a scepter.
  • Due to a production fault, The Aqua Axe and Soaking Staff will sometimes lose their color causing them to resemble "Crystal Clear" variants.[2]
  • The Arcane Hourglass makes a cameo in the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, a game also developed by Toys For Bob, used as an actual hourglass by the Dream Weaver dragon Zikomo in the first game.[3]
  • Prototype Traps were designed by shaving off parts of Prism Break figures.[4]
  • The Ultimate Kaos Trap bears a striking resemblance to the Image Comics anti-hero, Spawn.
  • The only trap shapes which belong to only one element are the Light and Dark traps from the Expansion Packs, the Heavenly Hawk and Shadow Spider.
  • The Banded Boulder, Eternal Flame, Kaos Trap, Weed Whacker, Biter's Bane, Grabbing Gadget, Haunted Hatchet and Tidal Tiki are the only traps to appear in the Meet the Villans trailers.


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