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The Trap Team, individually referred to as Trap Masters, are a group of Skylanders who use special crystallized weapons to weaken villains in Skylanders: Trap Team. They were the ones who originally caught and imprisoned the villains, including the notorious Doom Raiders, in Cloudcracker Prison. However, they were banished to Earth after the prison walls were blown up by Kaos.

When near a Traptanium crystal cluster or when facing a trappable villain, the Trap Team's Traptanium weaponry glow brightly.

List of Trap Masters

Trap Master Element
Blastermind Icon.png Blastermind Magic
Bushwhack Icon.png Bushwhack
Legendary Bushwhack Icon.png Legendary Bushwhack
Enigma Icon.png Enigma Magic
Gearshift Icon.png Gearshift Tech
Gusto Icon.png Gusto
Gourmet Gusto Icon.png Gourmet Gusto
Head Rush Icon.png Head Rush
Nitro Head Rush Icon.png Nitro Head Rush
Jawbreaker Icon.png Jawbreaker
Knockout Jawbreaker Icon.png Knockout Jawbreaker
Legendary Jawbreaker Icon.png Legendary Jawbreaker
Ka-Boom Icon.png Ka-Boom Fire
Knight Light Icon.png Knight Light Light
Knight Mare Icon.png Knight Mare Dark
Krypt King Icon.png Krypt King
Nitro Krypt King Icon.png Nitro Krypt King
Lob-Star Icon.png Lob-Star
Winterfest Lob-Star Icon.png Winterfest Lob-Star
Short Cut Icon.png Short Cut Undead
Snap Shot Icon.png Snap Shot
Dark Snap Shot Icon.png Dark Snap Shot
Instant Snap Shot Icon.png Instant Snap Shot
Merry Snap Shot Icon.png Merry Snap Shot
Thunderbolt Icon.png Thunderbolt Air
Tuff Luck Icon.png Tuff Luck Life
Wallop Icon.png Wallop Earth
Wildfire Icon.png Wildfire
Dark Wildfire Icon.png Dark Wildfire


  • The Trap Team were originally called Crystal Warriors during development.[1]
  • Each Trap Master has the Trap Team symbol somewhere on their attire or bodies.
  • Because the Trap Team's weapons are made of Traptanium, they are the same color as the elemental trap they represent.
  •  In toy form, Trap Masters are about the same size as the Giants.
  • Gearshift, Head Rush, Tuff Luck, and Knight Mare are the only female Trap Masters.
  • Out of all the Trap Masters, Blastermind and Short Cut are the shortest.
  • When used with Villains, they get a timer that drains slower, but recharges faster.
  • Trap Masters are the only Skylanders that can open elemental gates in Trap Team.
    • This does not apply to the 3DS version.
  • Snap Shot, Lob-Star, Gearshift, Gusto, and Ka-Boom are the only Trap Masters to use long-range weaponry.
  • In the 3DS version, the Trap Team has a special power called a Trap Attack, which is similar to Sky-Chi in Skylanders: Imaginators.
  • Jawbreaker and Snap Shot are the only Trap Masters to have more than one alternate counterpart. Each one having an Alt Deco figure and an Alter Ego, and Snap Shot having an Instant counterpart.


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