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Town Structures were optional expansions that give more life to the island or give more items to the Portal Master in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes. The structures were later removed in the 2.0 reboot of the game.

List of Structures

  • Gold Collectors
  • Magic Collectors
  • Energy Collectors
  • Magic Cauldrons
  • Aquamarine of Power
  • Magic Shop
  • Alchemy House
  • Expansion
  • Rountree
  • Thorny Plant
  • Sea Stems
  • Pointree
  • Striped Sprout
  • Eggflower
  • Moonbeam Herb
  • Candyfloss Bush
  • Sunset Shrub


Skylanders: Ring of Heroes

(Gold, Gems, Wish Stones, Energy, Gears, Arena Medals, Guild Medals, Episode Dungeon Stones, Magic Dust)

Potions - Ethers - Enchant Scrolls - Superboost Keys
Skill Power-Up Stones - Equipment - Evolution Splendor - Feather Pens
Awakening Stones - Imaginite - Summon Tickets - Elemental Ores
Removed Items:
Runes - Soul Stones - Elemental Cubes
Upgrade Elixirs - Omni-stones