Touch of Evil is the thirteenth episode of Skylanders Academy television series, and the final episode of Season 2.


As he tries to learn more about his ancestors, Spyro searches for a dragon king. Kaos attempts to free an evil being that can rule the Skylands.


Kaos comes to accept Strykore's revelations that he is his father and that Kaossandra colluded with Master Eon to imprison him in another realm. Strykore then grants Kaos a share of his powers to exact his revenge on the Doom Raiders and free his mother. Just as the Doom Raiders discover Kaos's escape, Kaos strikes them all down off-guard. Fearing Kaos's enhanced powers, the Doom Raiders abandon the castle, with Golden Queen personally thrown out by Kaos himself.

At the Cadaverous Crypts, Spyro makes a daring confrontation with a hostile Malefor. The young dragon tries to ask for Malefor's help in rescuing his ancestors as Malefor possesses the ability to open other dimensions and that he and his kind could discard their rivalry. However Malefor is unswayed as he is still enraged by Spyro's actions of turning his daughter, Cynder, against him and resumes his attack on Spyro. Although Spyro manages to evade him, Malefor discloses information that he knows where his ancestors are and that his parents are still alive. This makes Spyro reveal himself, allowing Malefor to capture him.

Hugo urgently requests Master Eon and the Skylanders to come outside as Malefor broadcasts to the entire Skylands about Spyro's captivity. He offers Spyro's freedom until sundown, in exchange for the return of Cynder so that she can be restored as heir, and if not, Sypro will remain as Malefor's prisoner. Master Eon then becomes guilt-ridden revealing to the Skylanders that he is responsible for Spyro's emotional state that led to his capture but instead of anger, the Skylanders are sympathetic to his actions and they, along with Cynder, resolve to rescue Spyro.

Kaos begins freeing his mother. Kaossandra awakens, disoriented and curious how she got free. Kaos explains that his father, Strykore, gave him the ability to free her. This horrifies Kaossandra, trying to explain the falsehood of his beliefs, but is forced to listen to Kaos's backlash. Kaos is angered how Kaossandra confirms that she allied with Eon to prevent evil from spreading and concluding she hated him because he reminded him of Strykore. Consequently, to reverse his mother's mistakes, Kaos steals back his original powers along with his mother's in order to begin the process of freeing Strykore. However, even with all his powers, it's not enough to break Strykore free. Therefore, the only alternative is for Kaos to bring the most powerful Skylander so that Strykore could devour its light energy and finally be free. Remembering Malefor's earlier message, Kaos chooses to abduct Spyro.

Kaos arrives at the Cadaverous Crypts to speak with Malefor and demands Spyro to be given to him in exchange for being spared by Strykore's wrath when he returns for his cooperation or Kaos could simply overpower him with his enhanced powers, take Spyro himself, and be threatened with punishment by Strykore. Malefor obliges and hands over Spyro. Only hours later does Cynder arrive at the Cadaverous Crypts seemingly to give herself up to Malefor, but Cynder deals the first blow, a signal to the other hidden Skylanders to prepare their ambush. In a combined effort, Malefor is subdued and Master Eon demands Spyro's return. Malefor seemingly tries to apologize to his daughter. Cynder takes pity on her father and tries to stop the Skyanders from harming Malefor further, but with her guard down, Malefor easily takes Cynder and they disappear from sight.

Kaossandra is only moments away to face the collapse of her entire hard work of preventing Strykore's conquest of the Skylands. Glumshanks therefore plots to remain working for Kaos while acting as an informant for any of Strykore's evil plans once he is freed. Kaossandra escapes her castle by taking the Hydra to warn and seek help from Strykore's imminent threat. Meanwhile, Spyro awakens in the meditation room cornered by Kaos and Strykore's presence. Spyro tries to resists but is inevitably forced to give up his light energy for Strykore's consumption, allowing him to enter the physical world of Skylands once again. Strykore and Kaos are escorted by Glumshanks to his plotting chamber. Before they leave, Spyro begins to awaken, now in a dark form. When asked by Strykore of what he feels about the Skylanders, Spyro answers boldly that they are now the enemy.

Master Eon returns to the Academy delivering news to the inhabitants of Cynder's abduction and Spyro's unknown fate. Suddenly, Kaossandra arrives at the Library bringing a message of warning about Strykore's return to the Skylands. Although powerless, Kaossandra still offers assistance by providing them knowledge of everything she knows about Strykore. Master Eon gathers everyone to take part in their greatest mission but before they could embark, Master Eon decides to no longer make the same mistake he did to Spyro. Eon decides to reveal everything in order to gain everyone's full trust in him.

First and foremost, he begins by removing his helmet and everyone in the Academy is shocked as his forehead reveals he bears the same mark as Kaos does.

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  • Malefor recaptures Cynder and takes her away to parts unknown.
  • Strykore is freed from his prison by absorbing Spyro's light energy.
  • Spyro is corrupted to the side of evil after his light energy is drained.
  • Kaossandra and the Hydra join the Skylanders in their upcoming fight against Strykore.
  • Master Eon reveals a blue tattoo on his forehead that is exactly like Kaos', revealing that he is Kaos' real father.[1]

Errors & Mistakes

  • Cynder's forehead brand and wingtips don't glow when she uses her Spectral Lightning on Malefor a second time.


  • When Chompy Mage's puppet licks Chef Pepper Jack, he instantly reacts in pain, showing the Chef's skin has the same properties as a normal chilli pepper.
  • Unlike Skull's spell in Split Decision, Strykore's spell is entirely in reverse, and puts his relationship with Kaos into question as the wizard attempted to sacrifice him. The translated spell is as follows:
    • "Let it consume you so once more I may live."


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