The Time of the Giants is the first level in Skylanders: Giants. In this chapter, you go back in time to when the Arkeyans still ruled Skylands, and you use the Giants (or additional Skylanders) to free the Mabu from the evil Arkeyan Conquertron.


Elemental Gates

Areas To Find

  • Forgotten Path
    • Element:  None
  • Mountain Peak
    • Element: None
  • Turtle Falls
    • Element: None
  • Hungry Plateau
    • Element: None
  • Ancient Mines
    • Element: None
  • The Broken Bottom
    • Element: None
  • The Hungry Depths
    • Element: None
  • Zucchini Grotto
    • Element: Life
  • Arkeyan Work Site
    • Element: None
  • Windy Work Site
    • Element: Air
  • The Planks
    • Element: None
  • Cursed Construction
    • Element: Undead

New Enemies

Legendary Treasure

  • Starry Night Paint Job
    • At The Planks, drop down off the ledge to the platform to the right at the second chain supporting the Arkeyan Conquertron.

Soul Gem

  • Shroomboom - Self-Slingshot
    • After entering the Ancient Mines, walk forwards. Walk up to Norticus and go to the left. Use a Giant to pick up the boulders blocking your path. Now you have a clear path towards Shroomboom's Soul Gem.


  • Flower Fairy Hat
    • In Zucchini Grotto, push the turtle as far out as you need it to go to go near the Root Runner and Bone Chompies. Push the turtle back to its original location. Walk up the path on the left of the screen, cross the gap using the turtle, and open the box to get a Flower Fairy Hat.
      • +2 Speed
  • Turban
    • In Windy Work Site, use the bounce pad to leap up onto the ledge. Avoid the air jets as you walk to the other side of the area. Drop off the ledge to get to the Turban.
      • +5 Armor
  • Paper Fast Food Hat
    • In the Cursed Construction area, walk across the area with the spikes popping up. Avoid the spikes to get to the hat.
      • +2 Critical Hit
      • +2 Armor

Story Scrolls

  • Avalanche Anticipation
    • In The Broken Bottom, smash through the wooden fence on the left-hand side of the screen.

Treasure Chests

  • Turtle Falls
    • Use any Skylander to push the second turtle towards the top-left of the screen. Push it into the gap between the island you are standing on and the island with the treasure chest. Now you can walk over the turtle.
  • Ancient Mines
    • Walk straight in the Ancient Mines towards the far right corner. Pick up the boulder in the corner using a Giant to get to the treasure chest.
  • The Hungry Depths
    • In the Ancient Mines, jump off the ledge through the cracked stone using a Giant to go to The Hungry Depths and get the treasure chest.
  • Windy Work Site
    • As soon as you enter the Windy Work Site, drop down the ledge.

Winged Sapphires

  • Use a Giant to destroy the gate at the Forgotten Path.

Luck-O-Tron Wheels

  • Lucky Wheel of Experience
    • After clearing the Chompy Pit in The Hungry Depths, use the first two bounce pads ahead to climb the ledges. Walk to the right and you will see a boulder. Use a Giant to remove the boulder. Drop back into the Chompy Pit. After clearing the Chompy Pit a total of 3 times, you will be rewarded with a Lucky Wheel of Experience.



  • It is unknown what became of Gigantus after he jumped down into a mine shaft.
  • In early development of the game, Time of the Giants instead used the theme from Sunrise Towers, one of the Battle Arenas.[1]
  • In the Hungry Depths, Shroomboom can use his Self-Slingshot to launch himself through the enemy gate and out of the Chompy Pit. This requires extreme precision, but it allows the player to achieve in-game times that would usually not be possible.[2]


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