“A wrecking machine of total destruction!”
    —Vehicle Collection

The Thump Truck is Smash Hit's signature vehicle in Skylanders: SuperChargers. Thump Truck is Smash Hit’s personal wrecking machine that was built for one purpose – total destruction! It has been heavily modified with earth crunching iron jaws, a gravel exhaust port, and armored steel plating for ultimate toughness!



These are the vehicles stats in Skylanders: SuperChargers.

  • Armor: ???
  • Top Speed: ???
  • Acceleration: ???
  • Handling: ???
  • Weight: ???

These are the vehicles stats in Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing

  • Top Speed: 14
  • Acceleration: 6
  • Handling: 10
  • Firepower: 20
  • Armor: 15


Performance Mods

  • Concrete Chewer
  • The Dozer
  • Rough Truck Grill
  • Experienced Excavator

Specialty Mods

  • Fusion Mixer
  • Deep Bucket Bed
  • Rally Spoiler
  • The Ol' Ball and Chain

Horn Options

  • Mammoth Toot
  • Wrecking Racket
  • Builder Boom
  • Hornfoolery

Character Trailers

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  • The rim of each of its tires are orange in the game and promotional art, but on the figure they are silver steel.
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