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Three Sides to Every Story is the eighth episode of Skylanders Academy Season 3.


Jet-Vac believes someone vaporized Eon, and his three main suspects Eruptor, Spyro and Stealth Elf -- who each having differing stories.


On a peaceful day, Hugo makes his way to the Library to meet with Master Eon, but finds it empty.  He sees in horror the remnants of Eon's clothes, a ray gun nearby, and what appears to be his remains in dust, concluding that someone has vaporized him. Hugo quickly rushes out of the room to get help.

Hugo and Jet-Vac round up their prime suspects, who were present at the time of Hugo's discovery: Stealth Elf, Eruptor, and Dark Spyro, since for some reason they were all unconscious, and are gathered at the basement for interrogation. Eruptor is the first to confess, claiming it was "the monster" who was responsible. Stealth Elf views this as unlikely since Eruptor kept watching an Undead Invasion horror movie several times the previous night. Even so, Eruptor shares his story during the day of the incident, where after Jet-Vac's class, Eruptor becomes paranoid when he heads back home, hearing loud noises outside that implies the monster is nearby. Eruptor decides to make a run for Eon's study in order to seek refuge from his pursuer, he briefly encounters the shadowy figure when he reaches the entrance. Eruptor carries on and hides under Eon's desk. He hears Master Eon entering, and hears him speak to someone, but only to hear a blast going off and Eruptor discovers Eon's vaporized remains. Eruptor runs away in fear, but gets knocked unconscious by his claim of the monster.

After hearing Eruptor finish, Stealth Elf refuses to believe such a story, leading to Jet-Vac to question her claims. Stealth Elf, though hesitant, points the blame to Dark Spyro. Her story begins the same day Eruptor's story takes place. After class, Stealth Elf stays outside the house in order to train herself, which Eruptor mistakenly hears as noises the monster makes. When Eruptor rushes out of the house, Stealth Elf was on the roof, where she notices Spyro carrying suspicious items from her field of view, and appears to follow Eruptor, so she decides to quietly follow him as well. When all three make it to the Academy, Stealth Elf explains that Eruptor mistook Dark Spyro for the shadowy figure of the monster. Stealth Elf explores the Academy's halls and eventually hears the same blast Eruptor heard, she continues walking and finds Spyro appearing to be "cleaning up evidence" with a broom, but before she could ask any further, she also gets knocked unconscious. With this story, added by previous suspicions, Stealth Elf concludes that Spyro is responsible for vaporizing Eon.

Dark Spyro's immediate reaction is laughter, claiming Elf's story is exaggerated and prepares to reveal his story. During Jet-Vac's class, Dark Spyro explains that he didn't meant to hit Jet-Vac with a spitball, which prompted Eruptor waking up from his nightmare from the horror movie, but actually a squirrel that intended to sabotage the lecture. Nonetheless, Jet-Vac punishes Dark Spyro to janitorial duty but intends to do it later afternoon, after claiming to do a series of heroic acts. Afterwards, he returns home and picks up the janitorial equipment, and notices Eruptor rushing out of the house. This all leads in contradiction to Eruptor and Elf's claims, that due to Dark Spyro lugging all the janitorial equipment in his back and a lightning flash, Eruptor mistook his figure. Dark Spyro did not intend to follow Eruptor because he was assigned to clean at the Academy, and that he wasn't removing evidence but just mopping the floors after Eruptor left out gravel in the hallways when he ran. Dark Spyro does confirm hearing a blast, startling him that causes him to tip the bucket over. When he prepares to clean up his mess, he also gets knocked unconscious by someone.

Meanwhile, the Doom Raiders enjoy themselves in discussion after recent raids have garnered them an enormous storage of pillaged wealth. Kaos, comes out of his room feeling depressed as he reveals that he gave up all their treasure to his father, Strykore, without consulting the Doom Raiders, and did not even expressed gratitude in return. The Doom Raiders lash out on Kaos, since the lack of money means they can't afford any food. Kaos tries to resolve their food issues by stealing a nearby Mabu farmer's flock of sheep. The farmer, however, manages to dissuade Kaos from stealing his sheep by offering him a treasure map that seems to hold directions to the island of Arkus, while also giving up his pirate hat. When he shows it to his crew, the Doom Raiders are unimpressed, but Kaos argues that once they find Arkus, his powerful father would finally respect him and most likely grant them any reward for their services, such as food. The Doom Raiders reluctantly accept Kaos's offer, but threatening him of being eaten if he disappoints.

After a long journey with the Doom Raiders starving, Kaos finally manages to discover the island of Arkus. They quickly venture the island but halt their travel, when they stumble upon a building store named Arks R' Us, where the Mabu farmer Kaos encountered earlier is also the owner and he welcomes them, revealing that the treasure map he gave is actually a flyer for his ark store. Wolfgang angrily grabs Kaos and prepares to eat him for failing to deliver his promise. Fortunately, Pepper Jack happily informs them that the ark store's grand opening has free barbecue offers inside, saving Kaos from ultimately being eaten. However, Pepper Jack warns him that this is only temporary.

All of Eruptor, Stealth Elf, and Dark Spyro's stories are validated as truthful from Jet-Vac's lie detector, leading to no solid confirmation of the culprit's identity. Hugo suddenly recalls another way of finding out who was responsible; he suggests checking his recently installed surveillance system after Eon demanded to know who was responsible of stealing his lunches, which ironically, Hugo was responsible. Shortly after, Hugo brings the projector and shows the footage during the time of the incident. The footage reveals that when Eruptor fled the Library for help, he blindly charged through Stealth Elf and Dark Spyro unknowingly explaining why they all went unconscious. But as the video continues, it reveals Jet-Vac was also present in the hallway, walking down the hall in a trance and the footage ends.

Jet-Vac is shocked to learn that he may be the one responsible of vaporizing Eon, despite not recalling such an event. Suddenly, Master Eon enters the room, much to the shock of the Skylanders. Eon reveals that he actually went out swimming at the beach for the whole day, explaining why his clothes were left on the floor; the ray gun is actually a mosquito repellent, the pile of dust is actually sand Eon inadvertently brought in after a short return from his trip, and Jet-Vac was actually sleepwalking after a brief encounter. With the mystery settled, Eon invites everyone at the beach. Stealth Elf apologizes for her wild accusations on Dark Spyro, though she is confused that her instincts could be mistaken. Dark Spyro quickly forgives her in spite of this and both reassure their friendship.

Dark Spyro suddenly decides to split from the group, telling Stealth Elf that he intends to grab one of Eon's tuna salad as an excuse and meet up with them later. However, he returns to the Library and approaches the surveillance projector Hugo left at Eon's desk. Dark Spyro plays the footage of him mopping the hallway, where an earlier scene depicts a moment of Strykore's sudden apparition to Spyro, which monitors recorded. After discovering this, Dark Spyro ejects the only disk containing the footage and destroys it, preventing the Skylanders from discovering his loyalties to Strykore, though he feels shameful afterwards.

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  • Dark Spyro diverts Stealth Elf's suspicions.


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  • The transitions between Dark Spyro's side of the story is a reference to the transitions in the Batman series.
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