“Oh. Hey... I thought I was the only one who came here to think deep thoughts.”
“Really? 'Cause it's kind of the only serene, contemplative spot on the isle.”
    —Stealth Elf, Missing Links

The Thinking Spot is a deserted isle with various rock formations in the Skylanders Academy TV show, located close to the eponymous school. It is used by various characters as a calm spot for planning and monologuing, though as a running gag most don't actually notice each other's presence until they speak up. It has a second island, attached to the larger one by a bridge, with a small stone fence that acts as a hangout spot.

Though it is close to the Academy - but far enough that it is the first place invaders such as the Fire Viper can approach - it appears to be in constant orbit around the larger island, facing various locations depending on the episode. It is also a common grazing spot of the Academy's herd of Sheep, and appears to have strong Earth elemental energy.


Season 1

The Thinking Spot is used frequently in the episode Missing Links, as Team Spyro gathers around it when questioning their current issues with the Fire Viper Training Simulation, and Master Eon mulling over the dangers of Kaos discovering the map to the Core of Light. After the Team fails another attempt with the help of Cy, King Pen requests a place to think over possibly dismantling the Imaginator, and Master Eon takes him to the spot offscreen. Later on, in another attempt to think their problems through, the Team is attacked by a Fire Viper and defeat it with Cy's guidance.

In Anger Mismanagement's cold open, it is used by Hugo to arrange an anger management session with Hex and Skull, but the threat of Sheep drive him out of the island.

Season 2

The Thinking Spot returns for the second season, still being used as a hangout spot.



  • It is one of the several islands in the show with a white flower field.
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