The Wall is the boss of the Empire of Ice. It was built by the Ice Ogres to keep Vindlevale in Eternal Winter.


Some time before the events of the game, the Ice Ogres built a massive wall around Vindlevale to keep it frozen in eternal winter. Haldor fought the ice ogres with snowballs until the skylanders arrived. The skylanders and Haldor succeeded in assembling a catapult despite the ice ogres' best efforts and the wall's missiles. The skylanders used the catapult to destroy the wall, returning the warm weather to Vindlevale.


The fight takes place in vindlevale with the skylanders piloting a large fireball catapult. The skylander must launch fireballs to destroy chunks of the wall and reduce its health bar. Throughout the fight, the wall will fire projectiles at you, as well as rolling barrels towards you. Sometimes, food and power-ups will roll out of the wall towards you. When the wall's health bar is destroyed, you win.


  • The wall is implied to be alive, as seen in its two moving eyes.

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