The Ultimate Weapon is the final chapter in the Story Mode of Skylanders: Trap Team. It is an enormous, high-tech weapon built by Dr. Krankcase, which is capable of harnessing the limitless energy of Traptanium. It is here the Skylanders face Kaos, who is now empowered by the influence of Traptanium and threatens to pull the player (the Portal Master) from their world and imprison them in Traptanium.


  • Reach the Top of the Great Machine
  • Defeat Kaos

Elemental Gates

Areas to Find

  • Loading Zone & Receiving Dock
    • Element: Tech
  • Relay System
  • Matter Refactoring Room
    • Element: Air
  • Repair Platform H
    • Element: Villain
  • The Balloon Return
    • Element: Tech
  • External Power Sector
  • Power Exhaust Ports
    • Element: Fire
  • The Grinder
  • The Fly Wheels

New Enemies

Wanted Villains

Villains Element
Smoke Scream Villain Icon.png Smoke Scream Fire
Kaos Villain Icon.png Kaos Kaos

Legendary Treasure

  • Legendary Weird Robot

Villain Quests

Soul Gem


  • Brainiac Hat


  • Early in development, the weapon used to be called the Doomsday Machine.[1]


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