The Truth is in Here is the second episode of Skylanders Academy Season 3.


The Skylanders are pumped when Spyro returns to the Academy, but his old friends don't realize he's up to something.


At the Team Spyro home, Dark Spyro feeds the team the false story of his return by having an epic showdown against Malefor but forced to leave Cynder behind, and in the process the battle has altered his physical appearance and voice. Though having some doubts, Master Eon and the Skylanders believes Dark Spyro's story. Once left alone in his room, Dark Spyro discovers that his dark powers allows him to control any technological device. He is then visited by Strykore via a head apparition, ordering Dark Spyro to begin working on a plan to extract information about the Map to Arkus from Eon.

Dark Spyro returns to the Academy, while his teammates work on their paintings for the Academy's art fair. Jet-Vac then gathers the Skylanders for a session but is interrupted by a phone call from Pop Fizz's cellphone, who then offers everyone a cell phone. Later on, Master Eon visits the art fair while obsessed of using his cell phone, Dark Spyro then uses the opportunity to try and ask Eon about the map but Eon is oblivious to his surroundings. But this gives Dark Spyro an idea on how to force Eon to reveal the location of the map, by planning to create an app that would brainwash Master Eon once he opens it up on his phone.

Kaossandra tries to convince Master Eon that there's still hope for her son, Kaos to change his ways, but Eon is not open up to the idea since the only one Kaos listens to is Strykore. When Eon leaves Kaossandra alone in Pop Fizz's room, Kaossandra finds a changeling potion and plans to use it.

Dark Spyro infiltrates the empty Library to put his plan into motion. He finds Eon's cell phone and uses his powers to install the brainwashing app. But he is suddenly confronted by Master Eon, though unaware of Dark Spyro's intentions. Unfortunately, when Eon uses his phone, it notifies him that his storage is full, so is forced to delete the app Dark Spyro modified to make use for his other favorite app, that lets him have a beard filter.

Meanwhile, Kaos is eagerly waiting outside for his father, Strykore, to arrive and bond with him unbeknownst that Strykore lied to him of joining as he has no intention to spend time with Kaos. Kaossandra then uses the changeling potion that transforms her into Strykore in order try and change her son's evil ways. Kaos doesn't suspect Kaossandra's disguise and so begins to plan their evil activities. Kaossandra suggests that Kaos try to do good for once, though having strong reluctance, Kaos obliges to try. To begin, Kaossandra asks Kaos to help bring down a frightened young sheep from a tree. When Kaos brings the sheep down, the rest of the flock pile up to him expressing their gratitude. Kaos then feels warm inside, making Kaossandra proud. Kaos then asks for a father and son fishing trip, to which Kaossandra happily accepts to join. However, she realizes the spell is wearing off and is forced to abandon Kaos, which Kaos views as a great evil act, erasing Kaossandra's progress of changing his son. Though she takes comfort that at least she knows Kaos isn't a lost cause.

Dark Spyro sets up a new plan to brainwash Master Eon. He installs the brainwashing program at the new music video of the Beardles, Eon's favorite band, and emails it to Master Eon for download. While making his way to the Academy, Dark Spyro notices that the inhabitants are being 'brutally honest' with each other. Dark Spyro soon realizes in horror that he actually mass emailed the music video with the spell, causing everyone in the Academy to become brainwashed. This escalates into a crisis in which Master Eon tries to manage, preventing him from viewing the Beardles music video, despite Dark Spyro prodding him to watch. Unfortunately, the Skylanders appear, infected by the spell themselves, and are now expressing truthful but hurtful comments at each other. Their tensions eventually heat up and they begin fighting each other.

Master Eon requests Dark Spyro to resolve the fighting and only then will Eon finally watch the music video. Reluctantly, Dark Spyro steps in and tries to stop the fight. The fight stops but now the team targets Dark Spyro with their hurtful honesty. More and more people begin expressing their dislikes about regular Spyro's character, cornering Dark Spyro at the Academy's doors. Comment after comment, Dark Spyro begins feeling overwhelmed resulting in a powerful burst of lightning to erupt from his powers that blasts everyone back. As a result, it cures everyone affected and the Skylanders soon realize that viewing the Beardles music video is the cause of their behavior. The explosion also destroys Eon's cell phone in the process.

Strykore awaits for news of Dark Spyro's progress but is interrupted by Kaos's return, bringing equipment for their awaited fishing trip. Strykore is unaware of this but Kaos carries on and in the process clumsily pulls down Strykore with a fishing hook. This angers Strykore greatly, even more so when Kaos brings up his earlier activity of protecting the innocent, in which Strykore declares him as a nuisance and is why he chose Dark Spyro to do his mission instead of him.

Dark Spyro is called in for a meeting at the Library, where Master Eon thanks him for his actions earlier and realizes that Spyro has become more heroic since his return. Dark Spyro then brings up Eon's cell phone, in which he tirelessly repaired, and has already downloaded the Beardles' music video in order to finally brainwash Eon. Though grateful, Master Eon has actually retired from using his cell phone and switches to an old telephone.

At the Falling Forest, Kaos is confused and saddened of how he can't figure out his father's behavior, so he wishes to find a way to gain his approval to distance his father from Dark Spyro. Kaos stumbles upon an abandoned but intact pirate ship, and quickly plans to commandeer the ship, find a pirate crew, and find the Lost Island of Arkus before Dark Spyro can in order to earn his father's respect. Glumshanks is left behind, as he is effectively a slave to Strykore, unable to travel freely with an ankle monitor, and so is forced to watch his former master leave and travel the Skylands with the pirate ship.

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  • Dark Spyro discovers he can control technology.
  • Kaossandra attempted to expose the good in Kaos.
  • Kaos begins his quest to be a pirate captain of a crew to find the Lost Island of Arkus before Dark Spyro.


  • Master Eon's favorite rock band, The Beardles, is a parody of the Beatles.
  • The InSkygram website is a parody of Instagram.
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