“You've got to find buttons that lower the gates that guard the magical Golden Spork. Easy, right? The only problem is you'll have to do them in the right order. And quickly!”

The Three Teleporters is a Heroic Challenge in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure and Skylanders: Giants that is unlocked by Hex. It uses a map similar in design to Cadaverous Crypt and requires the Golden Spork to be collected in under three minutes.

The beginning of the Challenge features a long corridor of spike traps; the second portion of this can be safely avoided simply by going around it. At the end of the spike traps, three teleporters will appear and one must be chosen. Each teleporter takes the Skylander to a specific area of the map; in each of these areas is a teleporter to return to the original three teleporters and a large stone button that is guarded by enemies. Two of the buttons are randomly chosen at the beginning of the Challenge and have gates blocking them; each button will unlock one of the gates guarding another button and one of the gates leading to the Golden Spork. The cutscene following the pressing of a button shows what gate has been opened, so it is easy to follow from that point onwards.

Because there is no way to tell what gate is open first, taking either the left or middle teleporters is a wise option because you can see whether or not the button in the area adjacent to you is open; if the gate in that area and the gate in the area you are in are both closed, the process of elimination can tell you that the rightmost teleporter leads to the first open button.


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