The Skylands Are Falling! is the tenth episode in the Skylanders Academy television series.


An invention called the "evil-scope" allows the Skylanders to stop evil before it happens, but all the evil energy collects in a ball and traps Spyro.


The Skylanders are tasked with an important mission from Master Eon: protect Eon's precious and newly-built Bronze Beard statue from restless enemies. At first, the Skylanders are able to repulse attackers but they are unable to prevent Bomb Shell, who harmlessly bypassed them and planted an explosive that destroys the statue.

Pop Fizz wanders into the Skylands swap meet, along with an impatient Spyro who is frustrated from their early defeat. Unbeknownst to them, Glumshanks has his own stall in the area, but is summoned to meet Kaos in a secluded area. Kaos introduces Glumshanks to his own magically fabricated lens where, if pointed at a person, reveals their future. But to Glumshanks's dissapointment, Kaos intends instead to use the lens as an attempt to aggravate the Skylanders with its "bright purple light" but to no avail. Kaos quickly discards the lens to Glumshanks and returns to his lair. Returning to his stall, Glumshanks finds Pop Fizz seeking at his items, so he freely offers Pop Fizz the magical lens, in which he believes he needs for his invention.

Spyro is delighted by the idea of a device that can detect future evil in all of Skylanda. So in just several minutes, Pop Fizz manages to construct the Quantum Evil Scope, and at its core is the magical lens, at the Academy's headquarters. Spyro is the first to test the device, and it is able to detect the location of Chompy Mage, allowing the Skylanders observe his plot of attempting to burn down the Falling Forests. Spyro has the team set out to stop Chompy Mage, then the Doom Raiders and other villains from committing evil that is about to manifest, although Jet Vac has doubts of using the device continuously.

Thanks to the Evil Scope, evil acts have almost disappeared throughout Skylands. Master Eon allows them to take a recess from their extraordinary heroic acts but Spyro is restless into completely eradicating all potential evil and volunteers to work day and night with the Evil Scope. But Eruptor suddenly raises the question as to where all the "evil" goes when they prevent it from spreading. The Skylanders and Master Eon laugh and don't take the question seriously, believing that evil isn't something that can manifest as a real thing.

Days later, Master Eon gathers the Skylanders for breakfast, after heroic activities have ceased thanks to Spyro's efforts. Spyro enters, heavily exhausted, but still determined to stop the ultimate villain, Kaos, with the Evil Scope. Meanwhile, Kaos has become isolated in his lair in fear because of the Skylanders being able to detect their evil schemes ahead. Suddenly, violent earthquakes erupt all throughout the Skylands. Pop Fizz discovers through the Evil Scope that a large and growing purple ball has suddenly appeared in the realm and is violently destroying anything in its path. Spyro bravely decides to spearhead the counteraction of the purple energy ball but is left to do it on his own as the Skylanders are too inclined of finishing their frivolous activities. But shortly after Spyro leaving, Pop Fizz tells them that Spyro is about to be consumed as the purple ball has grown massively during their whole discourse.

When Spyro is devoured, panic erupts from the other cadets outside the Academy. Unable to do anything, Master Eon and the Skylanders prepare to stand together in the face of the impending destruction of Skylands. A while later, Spyro awakens inside a dark void. When he tries to wander further, he bumps into invisble boundaries that produce a tear in the void's fabric. The tears replay the Skylanders' earlier actions in stopping villains from executing their evil deeds, Spyro notices that every time they stop a villain, a small purple mist evaporates out of thin air. Spyro realizes in horror that Eruptor's claim was right, that evil is an actual property and all his prevention has tipped the scales in good and evil ,in which evil has no place to go but to accumulate into the now massive swirling purple ball that is swallowing the entire realm. However, Spyro pieces out a possible solution, that if his obsessive heroism is the most evil act, then that should make him as the most evil villain inside the void, deducing that if he escapes it should restore the balance, and so Spyro attempts to continuously tear the void's fabric.

Kaos becomes blissful as the annihilation of all life is about to come soon. Glumshanks finishes the last task in his bucket list, by finally berating his Master, though falls in deaf ears. Kaos starts the countdown as the final seconds of the end begin. At the last second, Spyro manages the escape but in the process, the huge evil orb explodes and throws Spyro back to the Academy. Also, an evil shockwave spreads throughout the Skylands restoring every villain it touches to commit their evil deeds. The Skylanders are relieved to have Spyro back safely, and he reveals that their use of the Evil Scope is what caused the imbalance, realizing that the absence of evil or good could descend the universe into chaos. Master Eon acknowledges Spyro, and he reveals that he withheld early warnings that the Skylanders' actions were creating an imbalance but tries to have the team forget it as what is important is that they saved the world from destruction. Stealth Elf has the team noticed that they aren't alone; another person has suddenly been transported into their realm: Crash Bandicoot. Having no idea how to get back, the Skylanders agree to help him get back to his own dimension.

Meanwhile, a news report informs Kaos that conditions in Skylands have settled and Kaos wails in great dismay of the aftermath. Glumshanks tries to cheer up his master that at least he didn't listen to any of his harsh criticism. But to his surprise, Kaos actually remembered every word and to make up for it, orders Glumshanks to undergo one of his favorite tortures.

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  • Because of the explosion of the evil imbalance, Crash Bandicoot is dragged into Skylands.

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  • Eruptor mentions binge-watching a program on his Skyflix account, which is a play on Netflix.
  • Eon mentions having a timeshare home at the Radiant Isles Resort and Spa.
  • The title is a play on "The Sky is Falling", a catch phrase of the European folk tale, Chicken Little.
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