The Sky Eater, also known as the Doomstation of Ultimate Doomstruction, is a giant metal head that Kaos controls in Skylanders: SuperChargers. In the game, Kaos uses this machine powered by The Darkness to eat the sky, tearing Skylands apart and disabling the Portal connection throughout Skylands and other worlds, including Earth.

Whatever in Skylands that is consumed by the Sky Eater is stored in its Liquification Chamber, where it powers the vessel, The Darkness and a Hydra Hatchling. The Sky Eater is protected by enchanted armor as well as many other defenses.


The Sky Eater was assembled in the outskirts of the Outlands. Upon completion, Kaos put his plan into motion by piloting the Sky Eater to devour the skies around Skylands, creating dangerous rifts in its wake.

After Kaos' defeat and betrayal of The Darkness, the Sky Eater was assimilated by it to form a battle armor as both were sucked into a Rift created by the Dark Rift Engine, empowering it. When it was defeated, both were sent hurling into The Darkness' own dimension before exploding, sealing whatever was left away.


Chapter 47: The Sky Eater

  • Infiltrate Sky Eater - Sky Vehicle Dock Area

Chapter 48: Grinding Gears

  • Get Past Kaos' Defenses

Chapter 49: Darkest Goo

  • Hunt and Destroy the Hydra (Sea Vehicle Dock Area)

Chapter 50: Crush of Kaos

Chapter 51: Fear and Obey


  • This is the only final level in the main series to have two distinct bosses. However, the Kaos Realm in Skylanders: Battlecast was almost entirely a boss rush.
  • If the player does not own a Sky Vehicle, Flynn will go to plan B and ram the ship straight towards the Sky Eater.
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