The Rift to Skylands is the introductory chapter of Skylanders: SuperChargers. The portals are disconnected by Kaos's Sky Eater, cutting off the Portal Master from their connection to Skylands. Luckily Hugo was able to create a rift that allows the player to return to Skylands with their Skylander.


Chapter 1: Skylands in Chains

  • The Great Escape - Rescue your friends

Chapter 2: Motley Meadows

  • Save The Pit Crew(Land Dock)
  • Get Back to the Fleet

Chapter 3: A Fuel's Errand

  • Destroy the Catalytic Cyclotron(Sea Dock)

Chapter 4: The Great Breakout

  • Save the Escape Pods(Air Dock)


Skylands (World) - Skylanders Academy (Hub) - Racelandia (Racing World)

Chapter Areas
The Rift to Skylands - The Cloudbreather's Crag - The Cloud Kingdom - Land of the Undead - BattleBrawl Island
Spell Punk Library - Gadfly Glades - Cap'n Cluck's Chicken HQ - Monstrous Isles - Ridepocalypse Demo Derby
Vault of the Ancients - The Bandit Train - The Sky Eater
Race Tracks
Chompy Garden - Dragon Spine - Frozen Fossil Festival - Mystical Vault - Calamity Canyon - Cloud Factory
Temple of Arkus - The After Party - Tropic Plunder - The Golden Temple - Cluck's Cuckoo Nest - The Clock Rock
SuperChargers Racing Tracks
Chompy Mountain - Trollympic Village - Temple of Boom - Pandercastle Raceway - Grill-X's Big BBQ
Pandercastle Skyride - Robomill Forest - Frosty Volcano - Cactus Canyon - Arkeyan Forge
Gooey Goo Works - Octoasis - Pandercastle Waterpark - Middle of Snowhere - Risky Rapids

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