The Phoenix Psanctuary is the fourth chapter in Skylanders: Trap Team. It is home to many different kinds of birds, including the Phoenix Chicken. The Phoenix Psanctuary also contains the Boingo Nuts which they grow vine bridges when planted in specific spots. The Skylanders arrived in the sanctuary with Flynn and Tessa to protect the Phoenix Chicken from Chef Pepper Jack.


  • Gain Entrance to the Aviary
  • Save the Phoenix Chicken

Elemental Gates

Areas to Find

  • Outer Plumage
  • Fledgeling Rise, Paradise Highway & Rump Feather Roost
    • Stronger: Tech
  • Down Feather Wash
  • Rain Flower Grotto
    • Stronger: Water
  • Hooked Bill Ascent
    • Stronger: Life
  • Aviary Gate
  • Rare Species Walk
    • Stronger: Villains
  • Clockwork Nest & Hatchling Hall
    • Stronger: Water
  • Feather Bed Hatchery, Songbird Perch & Little Chicken Landing
  • Fan Wing Thermals
    • Stronger: Air
  • Free Range Rollers
    • Stronger: Tech
  • Wish Bone Balcony
  • Aviary Heights

New Villains

Wanted Villains

Villain Element
Shrednaught Villain Icon.png Shrednaught Tech
Chill Bill Villain Icon.png Chill Bill Water
Cuckoo Clocker Villain Icon.png Cuckoo Clocker Life

Villain Quests


  • Ceiling Fan Hat
  • Daisy Hat
  • Parrot Hat

Soul Gems

Legendary Treasure

  • Legendary Egg



  • This level was originally called Phoenix Purch.
  • One of the Xbox One version achievements implies that this level would've unlocked two Arena levels; the second based on the Clockwork Nest area.
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