The People vs. Pop Fizz is the seventh episode of Skylanders Academy Season 2.


Pop Fizz is arrested and put on trial for committing robberies all over the Skylands, and the other Skylanders have to help find the real culprit.


S2E7 Pop Fizz Spyro Eruptor
The Skylanders morning breakfast ends up ruined when Pop Fizz ends up contaminating all their meals with his untested potions. Pop then decides to eat at a restaurant, assuring the team he'll be able to attend a scheduled meeting at the Academy, whilst obliviously leaving behind a trail of beakers.

S2E7 Ka-Boom Kaos
Glumshanks is again visited by Kaos near his Community College. After being saved earlier from Broccoli Guy, Kaos requests Glumshanks to return to the castle and assist him in regaining her mother's trust after resigning as a Doom Raider. Glumshanks tries to refuse the offer, reasoning that he desires finishing college. Kaos tries to forced him to comply but is driven out by Ka-Boom. Nonetheless, Kaos vows to have Glumshanks return home with him.

Fisticuffs TeamSpyro2
Caught up by frivolous activities, Pop Fizz returns too late for the team meeting at the Academy. Master Eon orders him to assist his teammates currently subduing Fisticuffs at a local gym. Pop Fizz arrives to intervene but is instead used as leverage by Fisticuffs to momentarily overpower the Skylanders as he escapes, stealing an exercise bike. Afterwards, they are alerted by Master Eon of a robbery taking place at a nearby bank. The perpetrator has already escaped, so the Skylanders interview an employee to describe the robber's appearance. The details of the robber's appearance sound similar to Pop Fizz, most notably that he used a potion to magically make the money walk out of the bank.

S2E7 Sprocket Pop Fizz Ka-Boom
The Skylanders have reason to believe that Pop Fizz is responsible. Pop Fizz tries to deny involvement but cannot provide certainty for being known to frequently forget things easily. Master Eon is inclined to hold judgement but Sprocket and Ka-Boom arrives with evidence found during the robbery. Beekers with strands of blue hair are pointed out by Sprocket to belong to Pop Fizz. Subsequently, Master Eon reluctantly decides to convict Pop Fizz for attempted robbery.

S2E7 Glumshanks
The impending trial for Pop Fizz has Hugo reassigned to be Pop Fizz's defense attorney for the day. As a result, Glumshanks volunteers to fill in as professor to his class. Proceeding with his lessons, he fails to notice Kaos, posing as a student, sneak in and attend his class. Kaos immediately begins harshly ridiculing Glumshanks, while his fellow students laugh along with him. The classroom quickly spirals out of control as Glumshanks is unable to quell their reckless behavior thanks to Kaos. Glumshanks reluctantly decides to project a movie but the projector malfunctions. Kaos reveals himself and instead screens a horror movie about sheep to the class.

S2E6 Master Eon Pop Fizz
Pop Fizz's trial begins and the prosecutor provides solid evidence and a firm testimony from Sprocket that solidifies Pop as a criminal. Hugo tries to dissuade members of the court of holding Pop Fizz as a criminal by having each of the Skylanders offer their own moral testimonies that makes Pop Fizz unlikely to commit such a crime. Pop Fizz proceeds to the stand, with Hugo asking for Pop Fizz's absolute certainty that he didn't commit the crime. Once again, Pop Fizz is unable to fully recall and provide his certitude. As a result, Hugo can no longer defend his client leading to Pop Fizz believing he has acted unjustly, though cannot remember. The jury finds Pop Fizz guilty and is sentenced to incarceration for 20 years in Cloudcracker Prison, much to Eon and his teammates dismay.

S2E7 Sprocket Stealth Elf
With one member down, Master Eon has Sprocket fill in as Pop Fizz's replacement. Jet-Vac is reluctant to have her join, since she was vital for Pop Fizz's conviction despite their beliefs that Pop Fizz is incapable of committing such a crime. Sprocket arrives and approves of their sentiment, revealing new evidence that could indicate Pop Fizz was framed. Sprocket has done tests with some coins that was part of the stolen batch during the robbery, and finds that no fingerprints are present and the magic used is not consistent with any of Pop Fizz's potions. But with no solid proof as to who could be the imposter, the Skylanders head to Cloudcracker Prison and asks Pop Fizz to try his best to remember what he was doing during the day of the robbery. He miraculously recalls that he was looking for new beakers at a beaker store during that day. Their beliefs of an imposter is confirmed when they are alerted of another robbery. The victim describes the culprit the same as the bank employee before and with another batch of Pop's beakers scattered nearby. However, instead of blue hair, they find green puppet felt, identifying the real perpetrator to be Chompy Mage and his puppet.

S2E7 Team Spyro
At the Falling Forests, Chompy Mage celebrate after stealing enough money for his puppet's expensive cosmetic surgery and Pop Fizz's incarceration thanks to his misplaced beakers. However, the Skylanders are able to piece together their scheme and confront Chompy Mage. The evil wizard summons a swarm of Chompies to counter them. Sprocket easily manages to ward off the entire horde and subdues Chompy Mage. With the real criminal apprehended, Pop Fizz is proven innocent and is released from prison.

S2E7 Kaossandra Strykore
Hugo returns to Skylands Community College to find his entire class completely dishevelled. With numerous violations, especially having a live sheep, Glumshanks is expelled from the Skylands Community College. Defeated, Glumshanks finally relents to join Kaos return home. Meanwhile, Kaossandra enters the Meditation Room shocked that the evil entity is able to open the endless void on his own, so she quickly tries to strengthen his prison once again. The entity taunts her that Kaossandra is growing weaker by the day and his influence spreads the Skylands, even certain that she'll join him again. Kaossandra stands firm and locks the entity back in the book again.

S2E7 Pop Fizz 2
The next morning, Pop Fizz expresses his gratitude after his release by making breakfast for the Skylanders. He promises to improve his responsibilities by finally categorizing his potion's capabilities in order to avoid testing them randomly. At night, many of his potions are identified and he finds the one that turns anything to act as a ping pong ball. However, he decides to drink it and he violently scatters throughout the house, disturbing the rest of team's sleep.

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  • Kaos gets Glumshanks expelled from Skylands Community College.
  • The evil entity in the Book of Dark Magic grows stronger that his influence starts to spread through the Skylands.

Errors and Mistakes

  • Cy is briefly seen in the courtroom, despite supposedly being away for training until Belly of the Beast.


  • The short song that plays in the makeshift court scenes is a parody of the Law and Order TV show theme.
  • With the sign seen clearly for the first time in this episode, the Skylands Community College is situated in what was previously a mortuary.
  • Kaos' favorite movie is Unsilence of the Lambs, a parody of the real movie Silence of the Lambs. In the few scenes shown, a sheep is cosplaying as Hannibal Lecter.
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