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The Oracle is a level in Skylanders: Giants where the Skylanders meets the oracle, Octavius. The Oracle knew why the Skylander and company had come: to get to the Lost City of Arkus. However, in exchange for the location of the lost city, Octavius tasks the Skylanders to complete a series of trials for his research. After the Skylander finishes these trials, Octavius gives Flynn the coordinates to the lost city, sends the Skylander back to the ship, and also grants them a unmanned Autogyro as a way of saying thanks for helping with his studies.

Areas to Find

The Oracle's lair is structured in an unique way in that each path chosen gives the player entirely different areas. Because of this, multiple playthroughs are required to get the All Areas checkmark.

  • Octavius' Lair
  • Trial of Courage: Spiders
  • Trial of Courage: Chompies
    • Trial of Heart: Big Fish
      • Trial of Element: Fire
      • Trial of Element: Water
        • Trial of Knowledge: Reflection
        • Trial of Knowledge: Puzzle
    • Trial of Heart: Little Fish
      • Trial of Valor: Catch
      • Trial of Valor: Princess
        • Trial of Strength: Speed
        • Trial of Strength: Power
          • Titan's Digs
  • Any path leads into Reward of Knowledge or Reward of Wealth, which do not count as areas.


  • The Oracle is the only level in the series to have a clear starry sky. This is justified as The Oracle's lair is not in the same physical or temporal plane as the rest of Skylands.
    • This is also currently the only level in the entire series not to include Elemental Gates, though it has heavily elemental-themed areas.
  • When you get to the Trial of Knowledge, and pick Lock Master, you lose the key once you beat the puzzle.
  • The Trial of Heart is refered to by Octavius as 'Big Fish in a small pond' and the other  'Little Fish in a big ocean', refering to the philosophical question of having room to improve with little influence or stagnation with much influence; sometimes also used as a metaphor for being in the same level as many with much to explore or having much power but over a small group of people.
  • The music heard in Octavius' Lair was reused for the Teleport SWAP Force Zone in Skylanders: Swap Force.
  • There is a minor glitch in the main area, where the pumpkin breakables can spawn in the reverse water stream near the edges; they will side off the level until they can be no longer seen behind the pillars.
  • This is the only level in Giants to have two evil Skylanders (Evil Eruptor and Evil Water Dragon).
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