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The Machine of Doom, also known as The Machine of Doom (Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure), is a novel that is canon to the Skylanders series. It is a prequel to the events of the Skylanders: Mask of Power series and Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure.

Story Summary

When word reaches the Skylanders of a giant, ancient and deadly weapon, Spyro, Gill Grunt, Boomer and Eruptor set out to find it before the evil Kaos can get there first. Can Master Eon's group of heroes use their Elemental powers to save Skylands from The Machine of Doom? Find out in this hilarious and exciting novel starring the characters from the smash hit video game, Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure.


Spyro, Gill Grunt, Eruptor, Boomer and the other Skylanders were on Eon's island listening to Gill Grunt's concert in celebration of their latest victory over the forces of darkness, much to their discomfort. Shortly afterwards, Flynn and Hugo crashlanded in a hot air balloon nearby, with Spyro having to save Boomer from the crash due to the troll having put dynamite in his ears to mute out Gill Grunt's singing. Hugo then tells the Skylanders urgent news of flying sheep attacking the Mabu Market; the heroes were skeptical at first until they see the Market through Eon's portal, seeing that it was indeed being attacked by flying sheep.

The Skylanders looking upon an image of the wrecked Mabu Market in Eon's portal

Master Eon sends Spyro, Gill Grunt and Eruptor to the Mabu Market to investigate what was going on, and once there, the Skylanders were attacked by the flying sheep and levitating fruits and vegetables. They soon find out that the sheep weren't really flying nor were the vegetables and fruits floating by themselves, but were being carried by invisible trolls who were led by a Spell Punk. Spyro captured the Spell Punk, who accidentally revealed that they were testing out the invisibility spell and were looking for the Chattering Key, but the trolls decided to do some mischief, drawing attention to themselves. The wizard and the trolls were then transported back home by Kaos to face punishment for revealing the existence of the Chattering Key to Spyro.

The Skylanders return to Eon's citadel where they learn from Hugo that the Chattering Key is an artifact created by the Arkeyans rumored to unlock a tomb that contains a mysterious Arkeyan weapon. Knowing that the weapon is the kind of thing that Kaos would definitely go after, Spyro, Eruptor, Boomer, and Gill Grunt embark on a mission to get the Chattering Key from the depths of the Forest Fear before Kaos does, traveling to their destination with Flynn taking them there by hot air balloon. Upon arriving at the Forest of Fear, the Skylanders soon came in contact with unusual foliage, called the Fungus Rings of Despair, which traps them in hallucinations of their worst fears. Spyro broke free of his fear, and freed the other Skylanders from the grip of the fungi.

The Pyramid of Just Rewards emerging

The Skylanders soon find the Chattering Key, which was being guarded by the statue of a stone wyvern. Spyro devises a plan to confuse the wyvern enough for him to steal the Key, and the Skylanders make a break for it with the statue chasing after them. Before they can escape with the key, Kaos appears, having captured Flynn. The evil tyrant reveals that he had used the Skylanders to brave the terrors of the Forest so that he can steal the key from them. Not wanting to endanger Flynn for the sake of their mission, the Skylanders allowed Kaos to take the key, and he summons a tomb that contains Pyramid of Just Rewards, activating one of its pillar that destroys the advancing stone wyvern with a beam of light.

To prevent the Skylanders from following him, Kaos keeps Flynn hostage as the tyrant, Glumshanks, and their troll minions enter the pyramid. The four Skylanders, with the help of the Chattering Key, venture inside the pyramid through the other side where they come across the Machine of Doom itself.

As Kaos reaches the Machine, Boomer eagerly tries to control the evil contraption himself but fails as the machine begins to break apart and the pyramids starts to cave in around them. Spyro soon figures out what Kaos' scheme really was as the evil tryrant was laughing maniacally at Boomer trying to control the Machine of Doom. The machine was really a trap designed by the Arkeyans to capture anyone who might be tempted to steal a weapon capable of destroying the Core of Light, knowing that anyone who got through the Forest of Fear, retrieved the key, and unlocked the tomb to the pyramid was too dangerous to walk free. Kaos tricked the Skylanders into seizing the Machine of Doom, therefore springing the trap created by the Arkeyans so that he can have the heroes buried alive.

As the pyramid crumbles around them, Kaos' minions make their escape using their master's transport portal, while the Skylanders save Flynn during the chaos. Spyro attempts to stop Kaos from escaping, but fails when the tyrant fires a magical lightning at the dragon. Boomer, now having control over the Machine of Doom, uses the mechanical titan to destroy the transport portal, stopping Kaos before he can escape, and soon uses the Machine as a way to get out of the crumbling pyramid. Despite wanting to leave Kaos as he deserved to be left inside the pyramid in the very trap he tried to spring on the Skylanders, Spyro also knew what Master Eon would do, and saves Kaos from being buried alive. The Skylanders escape the pyramid as it collaspes into a pit, and the Machine of Doom broke apart as a result of the escape.

The heroes land outside of the crumbled remains of the pyramid while Kaos made his escape unnoticed. Spyro, Gill Grunt, Eruptor, and Boomer were greeted by Master Eon, whom Spyro informs that he and the other Skylanders have underestimated Kaos, but the young dragon declares that he won't do it again. Spyro knows that this was only the beginning since Kaos would strike again and won't rest until he's destroyed the Core of Light, but next time the Skylanders would be ready. The heroes then celebrate their victory as Gill Grunt began to sing a song again, much to Eruptor's annoyance.

In Kaos' lair, Kaos begins to look through a book entitled, "101 Ways to Become Lord of Skylands", smiling evilly after writing out the words "Plan One: The Machine of Doom" on the first page...



  • In the book, it states that Kaos has brothers who were blessed with long, flowing locks, while Kaos himself has bald, ugly, and devastatingly smelly. Because of this, his father dismissed Kaos as an embarassing runt.
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