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“His gulp is worse than his bite.”
    —Villain Vault

The Gulper, also known as Gulper, is a gelatinous blob who is a Water villain in Skylanders: Trap Team. He is part of a group of strong villains called the Doom Raiders.

He returned as a SuperVillain racer in SuperChargers and Imaginators, piloting a Sea vehicle. In SuperChargers Racing, he replaces Spellslamzer as one of the playable racing villains.


The Gulper is constantly hungry, eager to devour anything edible that can fit in his mouth. He is also incredibly dimwitted. As soon as he consumes soda, The Gulper desires more and more of it, not caring if he terrorizes his surroundings. However, he also appears to appreciate art, and compliments the Academy's architecture with some knowledge of styles.


The Gulper can eat his enemies and strike them with his trident. When he consumes soda, he can grow to a gigantic size, which allows him to go on rampages.



From the moment he oozed from the ceiling of the Gelatinous Caverns, The Gulper had possessed an enormous appetite and insatiable thirst for anything and everything he could stuff in his mouth. At a young age, he won first place in the annual Deep-Fried Triple-Cheeseburger eating contest – and has proudly worn the Crown of Gluttony ever since. But it was his particular affinity for soda, which causes him to grow to colossal proportions and go on rampages, that first caught the eye of the Golden Queen. She was looking for special types of people – or creatures – to join her Doom Raider gang that was bent on unleashing total mayhem. It was also her desire to recruit someone who was incredibly dim-witted, so that if they were ever captured, the Skylanders would not be able to extract any useful information. The Gulper fit these requirements to a tee!

Skylanders: Trap Team

The Gulper as seen in Skylanders Issue #12

After escaping from Cloudcracker Prison, The Gulper landed in Soda Springs where he began consuming the soda that were made by the Mabu for the soda festival. The more soda The Gulper drank, the bigger he became, allowing him to rampage through the village. Eventually the Skylanders and the Trap Masters arrived and stopped The Gulper by tricking him into drinking a vat full of bottom-feeding, suction-eel flavored soda. This caused him to shrink back down to his normal size, allowing the Skylanders to capture The Gulper with ease.

After his capture, the Skylanders took The Gulper with them as they departed from Skylanders Academy for Know-It-All Island for his Villain Quest with Mags, called "Balloon Redemption". She explained to the heroes that she had an idea for Gulper to make up for his previous behavior at Soda Springs; give all the Mabu children balloons to help them cheer up. After completing this task, he was awarded with Mags' thanks and a new outfit.

Skylanders Issue #12

The Gulper and the Doom Raiders infiltrated the Skylanders Academy by posing as a music band named "The Evil Imposters" for the school graduation. When their equipment was set, they took off their disguises and immediately laid siege over the school, scaring away any attendees. The Gulper took to consuming the soda-flavored water fountain conjured by Pop Fizz during the takeover, but noticed the Minis when they came to help Pet-Vac. Gulping down a large amount of soda-flavored water from the fountain, The Gulper grew to massive size, easily capturing the Minis. The Golden Queen was willing to release the Minis from The Gulper's grasp in exchange for the golden egg Pet-Vac took from her. However Pet-Vac was able to steal the Queen's golden staff during the trade and used it to turn The Gulper to a golden statue, freeing the Minis.

Other appearances

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes

While following the trail of Kaos in the wake of the rampant portals, the Portal Master and Skylanders stumble across The Gulper, who was busy consuming soda at one of the portals in Misty Bog. When they defeated him, Gulper claimed he was only doing nothing but drink soda at the portal and driving people away because someone said the portal has dark forces. When Spyro and Stealth Elf questioned Gulper on what he meant, the villainous blob responded that he knew nothing and left the bog without giving out useful information.


Story Quotes

  • "Me want soda!"
  • "Soda! I must have SODA!"
  • "See? That is why I must have soda!"
  • "Gulpers gonna gulp!"
  • "No one drinks my soda, except me!"
  • "Ow! What are you doing? Why would you.. (Burp) Aw, Gulper burp on his own rage here."

Trap Quotes

  • "Hello, what going on? Gulper already miss soda rampage." - when defeated
  • "Stay back swirly thing! Hey, my trident! I just want to drink SOOOODDDDDAAAA! - when trapping
  • "What? Hello? Can anybody hear Gulper? And if so, can you bring Gulper some soda?"
  • "Gulper have to be nice now... Kind of strange, but Gulper get used to it."
  • "Gulper can FLYYYYYYY!!!" - When entering
  • "Gulper time!"
  • "Gulper IN!"
  • "Here comes Gulper!"
  • "I'll drink soda to that!"
  • "Gulper likes this kind of rampage!"
  • "Whee!"
  • "Yum, yum!"
  • "Me want food!"
  • "Where is bathroom here? Good for Gulper to know before it too late."
  • "Good Gulper can see everything from weird trap place."
  • "Gulper likes this place. But Gulper also like any place with kitchen!"
  • "Gulper want to enroll in Skylanders Academy, but test scores are too low."
  • "Gulper appreciate architecture of Skylanders Academy! Modern, but with Old World charm."
  • "Gotta go see Gulper's new favorite band! Hope to be in Christmas song somehow."
  • "Whoa, Skylander, you're low on health. Tag in Gulper so he can help! *briefly plays theme song*"
  • "Bad guys don't stand a chance against Gulper, but now Gulper needs to recover!" - Time Out
  • "Gulper give you high five, if not inside trap."
  • "Gulper glad to be back on the team, but now Gulper rest."
  • "Gulper needs to recover for a little longer!" - No Timer
  • "Not ready yet. Come back later."
  • "Gulper feel very good about coming in, now! *slams staff down*" - Full Timer
  • "If you tag in Gulper now, he do awesome things! *burp*"
  • "Hey, she talk about Gulper! Tag me in so I can do thing!" - Quest
  • "Gulper's not really a numbers guy." - checking stats
  • " This make Gulper's tummy nervous, more so!"
  • "Uh oh, Gulper got bad feeling about this. *burp*"

Media Quotes

  • "Chompies.... Buzzer Beaks.... Sheep.... I ate 'em all, large and small!"
  • "Oh, look! It's the Trap Team! Just in time for my snack!"
  • "Oh! Uh oh! A trap! That'll take a bite out of me!"
  • "Guess I bit off more then I can chew."
  • "Get ready, little veggie!" - "Inside the Trap" trailer
  • "If you can't eat 'em, join 'em!"

Villain Quest

Villain Theme ♫

The Gulper is the gelatinous creature's theme, composed by Lorne Balfe. However, his villain theme version is remixed with Glitchy Knee, from APM Music.

Character Trailer


Official Skylanders Trap Team- "Meet the Villains- Gulper" Trailer


The Gulper/Gallery


  • The Gulper is the first Doom Raider to be encountered.
    • He is also the only trappable villain that is not directly fought.
  • He is the third playable character that is able to eat enemies, after Wrecking Ball and Slobber Tooth. However, he can only swallow up smaller enemies like Chompies.
    • He also does not regain health from doing so.
  • The Gulper bears a slight resemblance to the MerQueen from Primeval and Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars.
  • The Gulper is one of the few villains to have a mini-quest for his Villain quest.
  • In his quest, in some versions of the game, there seems to be a glitch where there appears to be eleven balloons instead of ten.
  • His Slime Slide attack is similar to Zap's Sea Slime Slide.
  • He is the only Doom Raider that doesn't have any special effects for his Skystone in Trap Team.
  • His name and species could possibly be based on the gulper eel, a deep sea carnivore.
  • Gulper is voiced by Jamieson Price who voiced Warpath in Transformers: War for Cybertron and Noob Saibot in the 2011 Mortal Kombat game.
  • The Gulper and Chef Pepper Jack are the only Doom Raiders that are captured before any other villains of their element. In other words, they are the first of their respective element to be captured.
  • He and Slobber Trap are the only villains to possess an ability to leave a trail of slime.
  • Besides the Light and Dark elemental villains, Gulper is the only Doom Raider to not appear in Skylanders: Battlecast. Instead, Chill Bill takes his position.
  • He, Chef Pepper Jack, Dreamcatcher, Nightshade, and Luminous are the only Doom Raiders who don't return as Senseis in Skylanders: Imaginators.
  • Aside from his mention in The Hole Truth, the Gulper would've made a full appearance in Skylanders Academy's second Season, but he was cut due to budget reasons.[1]