“Feel the mystery, racers - as you careen around the glittering temple of the bad and beautiful Golden Queen! But keep your eyes open - ancient traps could put a sudden end to your twenty-four karat glory!”
    —Pandergast in Racing
“Lights, camera, action! Careen around the set of Flynn's new movie adventure! Shot totally on location on the Golden Temple!. It'll take all of your skill to make the final cut - fame and fortune awaits! ”
    —Pandergast in console versions

The Golden Temple is a Sea Racing Track in Skylanders: SuperChargers and Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing, unlocked by the Sea Trophy. In the Boss Pursuit and Villain Race modes, the Golden Queen is the opponent of this track. Like all other SuperChargers tracks, The Golden Temple returns in the racing mode of Skylanders: Imaginators.

Both tracks are the Lair of the Golden Queen repurposed into a racing track; monuments, traps and lakes of liquid gold included. However, it is entirely empty in Racing except for its traps. In the standard version of the game, it is being used as a filming set for an Indiana Jones-esque movie with Flynn and Golden Queen replaced by Mabu actors.

Event Challenges

These are the challenges the player will face in SuperChargers Racing.

  • The Nefarious Tour
    • Race
    • Survival
    • Ghost Race
    • Villain Race

Version Differences

Aside from the different introduction, there are few differences between the console and 3DS versions of the track, except that the Racing version is noticeably shorter. This is due to an entire section of the track being cut short for faster laps.

After the descent just after the start, in the console version the player takes a slight left and heads through several corridors filled with traps and hazards. In the Racing version, the player turns right and completely misses all of this, and instead goes straight to the uphill section against the rolling hazards.



  • Though the Golden Queen's eyes are red and her scepter's egg is golden, both are replaced for green gems in her statues around the area.
  • Despite being described as the same area as the Trap Team level, the main pyramid has an entirely different design from the one seen in cutscenes in the previous game.
  • This is one of the few tracks to have different introductions by Pandergast in both versions of the game.
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