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The Golden Desert is one of the levels in Skylanders: Trap Team and Skylanders: Ring of Heroes. It is the territory of the Golden Queen, protected by her Undead guards and pet Chompy Worms that lurk in the sand dunes. It is said to be one of the hottest places in Skylands[1], and once was Grave Clobber's kingdom.


  • Clear out the Chompy Worms
  • Save Cali from the Golden Queen

Element Gates

  • Air
  • Earth

Areas to Find

  • X's Shifting Sands
    • Element: Earth
  • Dust Bowl
  • Temple Of Topaz
  • The Howling Caverns & Hole in the Wall
    • Elements: Villain
  • The Golden Springs
  • The Earthen Alcove
    • Element: Earth
  • The Windy Watch
    • Element: Air
  • The Windy Heights
  • The Jeweled Coliseum
  • The Catacombs

New Enemies

Wanted Villains

Villain Element
Bone Chompy Villain Icon.png Bone Chompy Undead
Grave Clobber Villain Icon.png Grave Clobber Earth

Legendary Treasure

  • Legendary Dragon Head

Soul Gem

Villain Quests

Ring of Heroes

After Kaos' meddling with the Book of Dark Magic, part of the desert was dragged to the Shattered Islands, with the few ruins on it that survived giving way to sparse trees. Pretending to be part of Kaos' plan, Golden Queen reclaimed the isle to secure the Book of Dark Magic, only to reveal her plan to the Skylanders that she never intended to return it, passing it off to Dr. Krankcase for experiments before the heroes or Kaos could retrieve it.


  1. Desert Entrance - Mab Lobses, Chomp Chests, Grave Clobbers
  2. Desert Investigation - Chomp Chests, Bone Chompies, Grave Clobbers
  3. Edge of the Desert - Tussle Sprouts, Chomp Chests, Mab Lobses, Masker Minds
  4. Desert Forked Road - Grave Clobbers, Mab Lobses, Chomp Chests, Masker Minds
  5. Desert Campsite - Grave Clobbers, Bone Chompies, Mab Lobses, Chomp Chests
  6. Center of the Desert - Grave Clobbers, Bone Chompies, Tussle Sprouts, Mab Lobses
  7. Her Golden Majesty - Golden Queen, Mab Lobses, Grave Clobbers, Masker Minds



  • The Temple of Topaz and the Jeweled Coliseum as seen from the temple.

    Though no transition to Lair of the Golden Queen is shown, the Jeweled Coliseum and the Temple of Topaz can be seen at a small distance from her temple in the cutscene at the end of the Future of Skylands. Strangely, the opposite isn't true; the temple can't be seen from the previous level despite the proximity.
  • Before the Golden Queen's rule, Grave Clobber was the pharaoh of the Golden Desert, until his brothers betrayed him and almost ruined the kingdom in their attempt to control it.


  1. Skylanders Universe Official Magazine Issue 11
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