The Golden Arcade is the seventh level in Skylanders: Imaginators. The Skylanders come here in a hope to reach the Ancient Brain before Kaos does. The storyteller for this level is Sal, Wolfgang's twin brother, and temporarily Trigger Happy.


  • Get inside the arcade
  • Get to Brain

New Enemies



  • There is an arcade machine near the start of the level where you can play a tank game starring Sprocket. If the player beats the high score, they will win an Imaginite chest.
  • This is one of the four Levels that have only one Sensei Shrine (The others being, Cradle of Creation, Mushroom River, and Fizzland).
    • This is also the last level in the game to include a shrine.
  • This is one of the few levels in the series to feature enemies as allies. In this case, rats will help the Skylander defeat the Bad Bouncer guarding the entrance.
    • However, they still drop experience when defeated.
  • The Golden Arcade has various traits from Trigger Happy. For example:
    • Some of the coins have the Tech (Trigger Happy's element) symbol and a picture of Trigger Snappy (Trigger Happy's mini counterpart).
    • Some of the projector lights bear a resemblance to Trigger Happy's guns.
    • The poster that the beginning of the level features female dancers resembling Trigger Happy.
    • There is a neon image of Trigger Happy on a rocket, referencing his Series 3 counterpart.
    • There are several pink plushies of Trigger Happy.
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