The Golden Arcade is the seventh level in Skylanders: Imaginators. The Skylanders come here in a hope to reach the Ancient Brain before Kaos does. The storyteller for this level is Sal, Wolfgang's twin brother, and temporarily Trigger Happy.


  • Get inside the Arcade
  • Get to Brain

New Enemies



  • There is an arcade machine near the start of the level where you can play a tank game starring Sprocket. If the player beats the high score, they will win an Imaginite chest.
  • This is one of the four Levels that have only one Sensei Shrine (The others being,Cradle of Creation, Mushroom River, and Fizzland).
    • This is also the last level in the game to include a shrine.
  • This is one of the few levels in the series to feature enemies as allies. In this case, rats will help the Skylander defeat the Bad Bouncer guarding the entrance.
    • However, they still drop experience when defeated.
  • The Golden Arcade has various traits from Trigger Happy. For example:
    • Some of the coins have the Tech (Trigger Happy's element) symbol and a picture of Trigger Snappy (Trigger Happy's mini counterpart).
    • Some of the projector lights bear a resemblance to Trigger Happy's guns.
    • The poster that the beginning of the level features female dancers resembling Trigger Happy.
    • There is a neon image of Trigger Happy on a rocket, referencing his Series 3 counterpart.
    • There are several pink plushies of Trigger Happy.
  • There is a glitch, so far only found in the Wii U version of Imaginators, where certain Skylanders from previous games are unable to use the grind rail to reach Brain at the end of the level. Attempting to do so will cause the Skylander to get stuck in place and the player will have to restart the level.
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