“I wished for someone to come talk to me on my birthday, and here you are. This is the best birthday ever... But you're not really here for me, are you?”
    —The Ferryman

The Ferryman, also called a Reaper, is a ghost who first appeared in the 3DS version of Skylanders: Swap Force. Though shy and eager for company, the Ferryman seems to make no attempt to socialize, and prefers to repeat about how alone he is. Unlike most ghosts in the series, he uses a translucent robe, and is as tall as a Giant.


The Skylanders came to The Ferryman who was celebrating his birthday by the line that lead to the path to Count Moneybone's villa. Though knowing that they wouldn't stay for long, he agreed to ferry them across of the River of Souls and reach the villa while opening the gates to it. However at the gates, he decided to stay behind and hope to get invited in by the Count. The Ferryman later moved to Boom Town and began residing in one of the docks, making the area "cold and depressing" to his tastes.


  • His habit of traveling by boat in the River of Souls is a reference to the daimon Charon from Greek mythology and Urshanabi from Mesopotamian mythology. However, unlike them, the Ferryman does not ferry souls to the afterlife.
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