The Dread-Yacht, also known as Cap'n Flynn's Ship, is the hub world in Skylanders: Giants that is actually a cursed ship. It can be customized in the game from Legendary Treasures found in the game. The Dread-Yacht made a reappearance in Skylanders: Swap Force and later Skylanders: Trap Team.



Some say that the person who originally built the ship was a very bad pilot. He was constantly getting lost, crashing into things, not stowing his luggage safely in the overhead compartment, etc. So he decided that since he probably wasn't going to become a better pilot, he should try to build a machine that just makes him very lucky. He could still be bad but he would luck out and it wouldn't matter. So he built the Luck-O-Tron machine on board the Dread Yacht (then called the "SS. Look Out!!") but unfortunately, this guy wasn't a great inventor either because what the Luck-O-Tron initially did was drain all the luck permanently out of the ship and it was never lucky again. He was able to salvage the Luck-O-Tron to provide some help to people who fly on the ship, but never when they are actually on the ship. This is the original curse of the Dread Yacht.[1]

Skylanders: Giants

Using the reward money for "defeating Kaos", Flynn purchased the Dread-Yacht from a desperate seller, who knew that the ship was cursed. The Molekin of Molekin Mountain, and Bowsers from Cutthroat Carnival, have heard or possibly knew about the Dread-Yacht's origins.

Skylanders: Swap Force

The Dread-Yacht took major damage during Flynn and Tessa's desperate escape from the Greeble Airships. It was soon towed to Woodburrow where the villagers began to repair the damage the vessel sustained. After a series of quests throughout the Cloudbreak Islands, Sharpfin and his crew repaired the Dread-Yacht, giving the ship new improvements including a spy mode, leprechaun gold plated trims, a manual, and a hot tub.

Skylanders: Trap Team

During their assault on the Skyhighlands, Cali piloted the Dread-Yacht to help tackle the aerial forces surrounding the pirate hideout.

Return of the Dragon King

The Dread-Yacht was used to transport Spyro, Hex, Cynder and Wallop to and from the Skylanders Academy during their journey to the Cadaverous Crypt. However, as an attempt to damage the newly revived Malefor, the airship had its trajectory redirected by Hex and dropped on the dragon, destroying most of it. The Skylanders then had The Dread-Yacht's remains tied to Malefor and its heavy weight was used to drag both it and the evil dragon to the lower parts of Skylands.

Rift into Overdrive

Flynn used the Dread-Yacht to transport Jet-Vac, Stealth Elf and Gill Grunt to Know-It-All Island. Soon after discovering the history behind the Rift Engines, Kaos created a rift, which consumed the island and the Dread-Yacht itself, leaving its fate unknown.



  • In the story events of Giants, the Dread-Yacht's bad luck brought misfortunes to the crew while they were on their quest to stop Kaos, such as the ship repeatedly breaking apart in some areas, getting struck by lightning, ambushed by an Arkeyan Copter and later a ghost pirate ship. Flynn however, refuses to believe that his ship is cursed.
    • After its debut, the ship has been badly damaged or even completely destroyed several times, but it is always rebuilt entirely in short amount of time.
  • Flynn took all the credit for the events that happened in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure and used the reward money to buy the ship.
  • With the right set wings, you can unlock Hatterson's shop. The only set of wings that will do this is the Dragon Set's wings, which are available at Kaos' Kastle.
  • Despite being unadvanced in technology, the Dread-Yacht does have a holoprojector in Flynn's cabin.
  • If you use anyone who can create large objects and throw it down the side, the object will collide with an island.
  • Many fire attacks will die out when touching the water puddles on the main deck.
  • When a Skylander goes close to the music box on the Flynn's ship, they will sing his/her name.
    • Eruptor and Bouncer are the only Skylanders that do not sing their names when near the jukebox.
  • Some Skylanders, like Gill Grunt, will have an unlimited amount of water when you stand on the puddles on the main deck.
  • Curse Magazine recently rated the Dread-Yacht as the #6 most cursed thing in their "Top 100 Curses" issue, just behind the vegetable, broccoli.[1]
  • In the Wii version of Skylanders: Giants, there is a glitch with Eruptor that is caused by using his Eruption attack while standing in a water puddle, then bringing up the Skylanders Stat Menu just as mist rises up from the puddle. If you keep performing this, the mist will stay there. It can lead to a game crash if performed enough times.
  • The people of Boom Town admire Flynn so much, that some of them think he disguised the Dread-Yacht as a rickety piece of junk (when clearly it was).
  • The Dread-Yacht's grappling hook can be seen in its back in the console version of Giants, while it had to be installed after the piece was found in the Rust Marsh's old troll factory. This implies the events of the Nintendo 3DS version took place before the console version.


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