“If I can't have you, no one gets to!

The Collector, also known as The Colossal Troubletaker by the Twitterpillars, is an unnamed elven girl who resides in Gadfly Glades. She is a hyperactive elf dedicated in collecting many rare items and putting them on display in her garden. Due to living alone in the glades, she frequently talks to her collection.


The Collector possesses the power to magically shrink or grow people or objects with a blast of magic from her hands, as she used this to shrink Flynn, Tessa, and the Skylanders down to bug size.


In Skylanders: SuperChargers, The Collector had recently captured the bookworm, Pomfrey, and placed him on display against his will. The Skylanders, Flynn, and Tessa, arrived to find and retrieve Pomfrey, but The Collector refused to let them borrow him. At the sight of a Skylander however, the Collector eagerly offered a deal that if the Skylanders beat her to Pomfrey, then they were allowed to take the bookworm. If they fail, The Collector would take the Skylander and put them on display. Flynn accepted the deal without hesitation, prompting The Collector to magically shrink down the Skylanders, Flynn, and Tessa down to bug size, something she neglected to tell about.

Despite the massive hazards and The Collector herself trying to stop them, the Skylander prevailed in reaching Pomfrey. The Collector kept her side of the bargain, allowing the Skylanders to take Pomfrey, reassuring the bookworm that she would have his new habitat waiting for him when he returned.



  • She speaks in a very fast pace when excited. But when the Skylander is shrunk, her voice is at a normal pace.
  • According to Mayor Mcfeety, 234 heroes tried the challenge in freeing Pomfrey, but failed and were collected by the Collector.
  • The Collector makes several references to the average Skylanders collector, including asking whether the Skylander is a Giant, a SWAP Force, Trap Master, or an Elite.
  • She has two cursed Malefor Skystones on display, which she hints as a "spoiler alert."
  • Her appearance is similar to Hex when she was alive and Bushwhack, having irises and pupils unlike most Elves.
  • The Collector's voice actor, Ashley Johnson, is known for voicing Gretchen Grundler form Disney's Recess, Peter Shepherd from the Jumanji Animated series, Gwen Tennyson from the Ben 10 series, and Terra from Teen Titans.
  • Her abilities are very similar to the Kolossal Kernel as both are able to shrink and grow individuals.
  • According to the Clutch artbook for the game, David A. Rodriguez said this about the Collector: 'The Troubletaker went through a lot of iterations (including being three elderly aunts) before becoming the bubbly, semi-fourth-wall-breaking collector we finally landed on'.
  • She was referred to as "The Troubletaker" by John Paul Rhinemiller during a GDC panel.[1]


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