The Cloud Kingdom, also known as Skylantis, is the home of Storm Giants in the Skylanders series. It was first mentioned in the backstory of Lightning Rod before making its debut in Skylanders: SuperChargers. The Skylanders come to the Cloud Kingdom to retrieve the Thunderous Bolt from Queen Cumulus only to find out that a rogue Storm Giant, Lord Stratosfear, has defected to Kaos and is using the Thunderous Bolt to put the Kingdom under his rule.


Chapter 11: The Brewing Storm

  • Blow the Stormhorn
  • Destroy the Transport Ships - Sky Vehicle Dock

Chapter 12: All Roads Lead to Ruin

  • Ring the Doorbells

Chapter 13: Mayhem at the Market

  • Destroy the Storm Sequencer - Sea Vehicle Dock

Chapter 14: Clear Skies Ahead

  • Catch Lord Stratosfear



  • Several statues of Lightning Rod are seen throughout the main chapter.
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