“When seconds count in the race for glory, Time Town's the ultimate track! Unfortunately, it looks like some future shock rock jock has blasted the past and rocked the master time clock out of tune. Better watch yourselves out there, racers. Tick Tock!”

The Clock Rock is a Sky Racing Track in Skylanders: SuperChargers and Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing, unlocked by the Sky Trophy. In the Boss Pursuit and Villain Race modes, Wolfgang is the opponent of this track. Like all other SuperChargers tracks, The Clock Rock returns in the racing mode of Skylanders: Imaginators.

This racetrack is inspired by two levels in Skylanders: Trap Team. Aspects of both, Time Town and The Future of Skylands are seen in this level. Though they follow the same theme as their original game, this appears to be a different time-altering clock than the Clock of Skylands, instead acting as a direct gate to the future.

Event Challenges

These are the challenges the player will face in SuperChargers Racing.

  • The Wicked Tour
    • Race
    • Afterburner Mastery
    • Ghost Race
    • Villain Race

Version Differences

While most of the changes are aesthetic, there are a few other differences between the console version and the 3DS Racing version of the 2 tracks:

  • After the player comes around the planet core when first coming to the future section, the player can either go left or right. In the Racing version, this has been greatly changed to not only be shorter but be completely different, removing several of the obstructions that would otherwise be in the way.
  • Where the player goes through an asteroid field in the console version, in Racing the player is instead greeted with space traffic as the hazard.
  • When coming back to the present, on the console version there are several obstacles that the player must swerve around. These do not exist in Racing.
  • The shortcut that cuts through the final corner on the console version has been completely removed in Racing.



  • In this level, when warping to the future, a planet can be seen in the background. It highly resembles Earth. It is unknown if this is intentional or not.
  • Most of the differences in SuperChargers Racing make the track feel somewhat smaller than its console counterpart.
  • This is the only race track based in two levels from previous games rather than one.
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