The Bandit Train is a moving locomotive operated by Sky Bandits in Skylanders: SuperChargers. Blubberbeard, leader of the Sky Bandits, led an assault on the Skylanders Academy when they saw the light emitting from the Dark Rift Engine. During the attack, they kidnapped Mags and took her captive onboard their Bandit Train, intending to use Mags to upgrade their train to fully escape Skylands' impending doom.

The Skylanders sneak onboard The Bandit Train to rescue Mags.


Chapter 44: Aerial Ambush

  • Rescue Mags

Chapter 45: Highway Robbery


  • Many of the quests provided by Tessa includes this level with randomized assets not present elsewhere in the story mode, such as block puzzles involving giant fans and bombs that cause great damage as traps in various places.
  • The chapter select artwork and many skull motifs around the level indicate this was planned to be a ghost ship fleet at some point, similar to the ones in Aerial Attack.
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