“Welcome, racers, to the Undead after party! It looks like the denizens of The Underworld are throwing a big celebration in your honor! You just might end up trapped in this Undead Fiesta forever!”
“"Well, well, well. It looks like the denizens of The Underworld are throwing a big party in your honour! But look alive out there racers, because this swinging wake has wondered onto the course, and you will have to bury the competition big time. Or you might end up trapped in this Undead Fiesta FOREVER!"”

The After Party is a Land race track in Skylanders: SuperChargers and Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing, unlocked by the Land Trophy. In the Boss Pursuit and Villain Race modes, Count Moneybone is the opponent of this track. Like all other SuperChargers tracks, The After Party returns in the racing mode of Skylanders: Imaginators.

By Pandergast's introduction dialogue (referring to the Undead Fiesta world in Swap Force 3DS) and its name, it appears to be a previously unexplored or reconstructed area of The Party Town, now free from Moneybone's reign. Every wall and road is decorated with Undead motifs and fireworks go off every corner, while giant gramophones blast out loud music from Skeleton performers. Hazards include the gramophones' styluses on the track and ectoplasm dripping from floating skulls.

Event Challenges

These are the challenges the player will face in SuperChargers Racing.

  • The Malevolent Tour



  • This is the only level or racing track based on a level from a 3DS game.
  • Like the 3DS world it is based on and the Skylander that hails from it, Fiesta, it takes inspiration from Day of the Dead festivities on the real world.
  • The fireworks, balloons and floating piñatas are made in the likeness of several Skylanders, Pain-Yatta, Count Moneybone and Kaos.
    • In the Clutch artbook for SuperChargers, concept art also shows decorations of other Skylanders and Doom Raiders, as well as unused statues of mythical Alebrijes which held powerups.
    • The Eruptor balloon would later show up in Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time. Its face is slightly different from its original appearance, matching the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade balloon of the character.
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