Thankstaking for the Memories is the fourth episode of Skylanders Academy Season 2.


Spyro and Stealth Elf get locked in the Grand Library while everyone else is gone for a long holiday weekend.


S2E4 Skylanders Cadets Academy Staff
The Skylands' annual Thankstaking holiday begins, where everyone, good and evil, take a two day recess. Most of the Skylanders prepare to spend the holiday with their families except for Stealth Elf (since she's an orphan), who decides to stay in the Academy to train her abilities throughout the holiday. Spyro is excited to accompany the rest, but all of them refuse his request due to his recklessness, including Master Eon. As a result, Spyro is left to spend the holiday in the empty Academy with Stealth Elf instead. Seeing how upset Spyro is without any company or relatives, Stealth Elf agrees to postpone her training and have fun wih Spyro throughout the Academy.

Meanwhile, the Doom Raiders are all gathered to have a Thankstaking feast but are growing impatient with Chef Pepper Jack's preparations of their food. Kaos volunteers to inspect him in the kitchen where Pepper Jack's assistant, Broccoli Guy, is of little help. Kaos offers his help by making a dish of his own called the Cornberry Cassoulet, despite that he can't recall the ingredients as Glumshanks used to always make the dish. The Mabu couple, Claire and Gary, arrive to their feast after receiving a random invitation from the Doom Raiders where they are hailed as their guests-of-honor. In reality, they will serve as desserts for the Doom Raiders.

S2E4 Stealth Elf Spyro Library
Hours later, Stealth Elf prepares to return to her ninja practice. Spyro persuades her to spend more time with him, by informing Elf that they enter the Relics Room after claiming to have seen an epic ninja sword for Stealth Elf to wield. To get through the beard scanner security, Spyro has Stealth Elf quickly collect strands of Master Eon's beard all around the Academy. Once they have enough, they manage to gain access inside. Shortly after entering, a strand of beard hair accidentally gets swallowed by Spyro. He tries to cough it out but inadvertently incinerates their entire beard hair collection. The security program detects their intrusion and activates lockdown of the Relics Room. Unless they are able to guess the secret password, they're trapped inside until Master Eon returns.

Stealth Elf plans to escape through the vent but after pulling it, it was a fake set up by the security program. Spyro tries another attempt, she assigns Elf to wait for his signal before using an item inside a nearby crate. When Spyro shouts the signal, Elf prepares to launch a relic bomb at the door but it disintegrates. The program then initiates a self-destruct countdown for their hostility. Stealth Elf grows angry at Spyro for having her trapped inside the Relics Room in the first place regardless of Spyro's apology.

S2E4 Doom Raiders Kaos Gary Claire
After a long wait, Kaos and Pepper Jack finally deliver their food to the Doom Raiders, along with Kaos's dish, But before the dinner can commence, Broccoli Guy reminds them that they have to give thanks to all the items they stole in the past year in his long list, much to the Doom Raiders' irritation. After another grueling long wait, Chompy Mage ends Broccoli Guy's giving thanks by having it eaten by his puppet. When all of them try out Kaos's dish, all of them are immediately disgusted. It also drove Claire and Gary away after Gary's mean remark to her wife, leaving the Doom Raiders' with no dessert. Their dinner is officially ruined when Broccoli Guy reveals he let the sheep escape earlier since it was meant to serve as their main course.
S2E4 Kaossandra Glumshanks
Meanwhile, Kaossandra and Glumshanks feast on their Thankstaking dinner but are visibly miserable with Kaos's absence for this year's holiday. With little time until the room self-destructs, Spyro approaches Stealth Elf once again for his apology and reveals that he intended to use Stealth Elf to help him get into the Relics Room so that he can gain knowledge about his dragon ancestry. During their entrapment, Spyro manages to find a book about dragons, but pages about his species have been torn out. Both exchange their apologies, take comfort for the fun they had prior, and rekindle their friendship.

Having witnessed the whole exchange, the security program then becomes emotional as it becomes sentient. Spyro and Elf asks if the program will finally let them out, but they actually managed to say the right password which was "please". Before leaving, Spyro finally finds the ninja sword he claimed earlier and Stealth Elf only uses it for a quick run before putting it back again. Despite its amazing capability, Stealth Elf respects Master Eon's reasons as to why it is kept in the Relics Room. Nonetheless, Spyro takes the book he found earlier and leaves the room without Stealth Elf knowing.

S2 Doom Raiders and Kaos
After a disastrous dinner, Pepper Jack declares their annual Thankstaking dinner the worst by far. Instead of lashing out on Kaos, the Doom Raiders realize that Kaos did a most evil and appropriately villainous action by ruining their holiday, and he becomes the toast of their Thankstaking.

As Thankstaking comes to a close, cadets all around return to the Academy, along with the Skylanders and Master Eon. They expect the Academy to be ruins with Spyro's presence but are surprised to see that Stealth Elf and Spyro relaxed with everything appearing to be in order. However, Master Eon is notified by the security program that the two were actually trapped inside the Relics Room but managed to escape eventually. They expressed their apologies and are questioned by Eon as to what relics they found during their time inside. Stealth Elf lies, stating that they only tampered with the Ninja Sword. Eon believes their word and they are dismissed.

Stealth Elf agrees with Spyro for having the best Thankstaking by far, and the two decide to go have something to eat after having only an old candy cane inside the Relics Room.

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  • As she doesn't have any known family, Stealth Elf is revealed to stay and guard the Academy during important holidays.


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  • Despite Master Eon hungrily finding the candy cane in the Relics Room as early as the pilot, it is still there in this episode, before being eaten by Spyro and Stealth Elf.
  • Thankstaking is based on Thanksgiving Day, a real life holiday.
  • For reasons unknown, Eruptor mentions that Spyro burned his family's house down on accident last year, and Jet-Vac and Pop Fizz are implied to have had similar experiences on previous years.
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