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“Huh. Handsome woman.”
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The Ancient Terrasquid is a colossal, squid-like creature that resides in the Twisty Tunnels, serving as their protector. She is one of the four Ancient Elementals in the Cloudbreak Islands.


Skylanders: Swap Force

The Terrasquid resides in the Twisty Tunnels, where her large tentacles can be seen throughout the area, serving as platforms and bridges. The Trolls suddenly attacked and tried to evilize the Terrasquid under orders of Kaos. When the Evilizer Crystals were destroyed around the tunnels by the Skylanders, the Terrasquid destroyed the last crystal herself before happily expressing her freedom.

While the Fire Viper was attacking the Skylander atop Serpent's Peak, the Terrasquid offered her tentacles as a shield to protect for the Skylander from the Viper's flamethrowers. The Skylander eventually defeated the Viper, and the Terrasquid transported back to the safety of Woodburrow.

Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing

The Terrasquid appears in the Octoasis race track. It is also revealed that she has a child, who also appears in the same race track.


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