“Welcome race fans to the Temple of BOOM! Looks like someone had the bright idea to build that giant statue out of chocolate! Better make this one fast, before it melts and we're all overrun by ants! I hear they love nothing more than 3,000 year old chocolate. Who doesn't?”

The Temple of Boom is the third land race in Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing. The track appears to be a massive fantasy level that revolves around Flynn; the entire track is made entirely of sweets and confectionery - in particular, chocolate. The giant chocolate statue that Pandergast references in his introduction is in the likeness of Flynn.

The track itself features lots of different paths for the player to take, both in and around the temple itself. Some paths are notably shorter than others, so depending on which paths the player takes ultimately determines how fast their lap times are.

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  • Though the name is based on a location in the Nightmare Express Adventure Pack, the actual level may possibly be inspired by a few things Flynn has said in the main games:
  • Much of the levels design is made to spoof Ancient Egypt, but with a very "Flynn" take on it.
    • The chocolate statue is designed to mimic the Sphinx.
  • The music played in this race track is very similar to the one played during Lord Stratosfear's boss battle.
  • The first time you race on the track, Pandergast will say "BOOM!" instead of "GO!" after one and will remain that way for the rest of the game including the tracks beforehand.
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