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Template Template is a debug character used for recent Vicarious Visions titles, first seen in Skylanders: Swap Force. He is a humanoid character with no particular details aside from large hands and a tail.


Through a glitch, it is possible to see the character replacing a regular SWAP Force Skylander, with a strange purple and green coloration, though he can be acessed through other means. Despite having three different attacks for testing purposes and an unknown upgrade tree, none of them are fully implemented and won't affect enemies. He can use two different tail spin moves, and a series of ineffective-looking slaps.

He would later be seen in prototype footage of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, with an entirely orange coloration. Template Template, called Template Legacy in this game, is used as a Crash placeholder in that level using Skylanders: SuperChargers assets, with Tiki Speaky as his assist as a placeholder for Aku Aku. Though they can be acessed in the game's files, Template Template is completely white in this version, and it's unknown if they have the same gameplay as before.



  • His name refers to his use as the base for Swap Force Skylanders, indicating both of their halves. [1]
    • Though he doesn't seem to be a placeholder for any particular Swap Force character, his body shape and movement most resembles Fire Kraken.
  • Template Template's head resembles an earless Greeble.
  • Unlike most scrapped characters with in-game data, Template Template slides around if any attacks are done while he's running, probably because he has no alternate animation for this.
  • Template Template is also used as a placeholder in VV's storyboards, representing the in-engine Skylander. [2]
  • In Skylanders: Imaginators' files, Template Template is used in some debug pictures, with an oddly untextured purple shirt and a shiny blue tail.