“Technology in the wrong hands.”
    —Game description

Tech Spell Punks are Spell Punks that wield the element of Tech. They can summon tracking lasers from the sky, which after a brief tracking period, fire down upon Skylanders unlucky enough to avoid the lasers.

In Skylanders: Battlecast, Tech Spell Punks have the ability to Machinecraft, summoning two Tech Elemental Spell Cards, and always carry a Machine Wand, which allows them to attack alongside such spells.

Machinecraft Machine Wand - Special Ability (Gear)

Common (Unobtainable)
Gain two random Tech non-character cards.

Machine Wand - Special Ability (Gear)card

Common (Unobtainable)
Gain a Machine Wand. (When you play a Tech spell, blast the enemy with the most power for 10 damage.)


  • Their appearance is slightly different from known Spell Punks in the Machinecraft Battlecast card. They have opposable thumbs in their white tentacle-like hands,a smaller, stylized silver star instead of a gear in the center of their robes, and the upper white jaw under their eyes is now under it.

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