Team Spyro is the newest team of Skylanders in the Skylanders Academy spin-off television series, as well as the protagonists. They are the Academy's Core team, and answer to the primary requests from the surrounding areas.

List of members

Skylander Element
Spyro Academy Icon.png Spyro Magic
Stealth Elf Academy Icon.png Stealth Elf Life
Eruptor Academy Icon.png Eruptor Fire
Jet-Vac Academy Icon.png Jet-Vac Air
Pop Fizz Academy Icon.png Pop Fizz Magic

Substitute Members

Skylander Element
Sprocket Academy Icon.png Sprocket Tech


  • The name "Team Spyro" was first mentioned by Spyro during his idea of making his own team in Skylanders Unite!.
  • The group shares some similarities with unrelated Team Sonic from Sonic Boom television series.
    • Both groups are named after the main character of the series.
    • Both groups contain 5 core members, whose colors are different.
    • Both groups protect their own world.
Skylanders Academy
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