“Ninja skills and the fiendishness of a bird.”
    —Villain Vault
“Who Dares Face Me?”
    —Tae Kwon Crow's Sensei catchphrase

Tae Kwon Crow, formerly known as the Great Hawkmongous, is a ninja crow who first appeared as one of the Dark trappable villains in Skylanders: Trap Team.

In Skylanders: Imaginators, Tae Kwon Crow has changed elements to Fire, and has become a Sensei training Imaginators of the Ninja Battle Class. He also has a Mystical counterpart along with Bad Juju.


Skylanders: Trap Team

Tae Kwon Crow was a ninja who served as leader of an evil gang of Sky Pirates in the Skyhighlands. After escaping from Cloudcracker Prison, the crow returned to the Skyhighlands, where he soon encountered the Skylanders throughout his hideout, not knowing who they are. He challenged them to a few games of Skystones Smash, before ultimately battling the Skylanders atop the pirate stronghold for the possession of the crystal prism. Tae Kwon Crow was eventually defeated and trapped.

After his capture, the Skylanders took him to The Golden Desert along with Blaster-Tron for their Villain Quests, but not without with fighting the Golden Queen's guards along the way. His Quest was with Tessa and Whiskers, where the latter tasked him to save four colonies of gophers from the Hazzard Birds to prevent them from forcing the rodents into participating in their circus, while she conducts research on the golden gophers in each colony. After completing the Quest, he was rewarded with Tessa's thanks and a new outfit.

Skylanders: Imaginators

Tae Kwon Crow was once the leader of a villainous band of air pirates in Skyhighlands. But pirating was never his true passion. All that really mattered to him was stopping anyone that “dared” to do anything that he deemed out of character. If a cake maker “dared” to make a pie instead, he would put a stop to it. If an ordinary sheep “dared” to baaahh longer than normal, he would end that nonsense right then and there. Tae Kwon Crow could not even stand it when anyone even “dared” of thinking of daring to do anything. But after he was captured by the Trap Masters, Master Eon dared him to change his ways and use his abilities for good instead. At first, Tae Kwon Crow was angry that Eon would dare make such a bold suggestion, but he soon realized that he could actually serve as a role model to young Ninjas and help them avoid the dark path that he went down. Forsaking his katana for the more traditional roundhouse fire-kick, Tae Kwon Crow now defends Skylands from whoever dares threaten it.


In Skylanders: Trap Team, Tae Kwon Crow used his ninja abilities to teleport to avoid enemy attack and use his katana for offense. He also wielded ninja stars to throw and strike at approaching foes.

Sensei Stats

These are the starting and maximum Statistics for this Skylander in Skylanders: Imaginators.

  • Health: 200 (Lv. 20: 600)
  • Attack: 8 (Lv. 20: 88)
  • Armor: 6 (Lv. 20: 46)
  • Speed: 11 (Lv. 20: 61)
  • Luck: 8 (Lv. 20: 33)

Warning: These stats are not used in any of the Skylander games. They are only listed for completeness reasons.

  • Strength: 250
  • Defense: 120
  • Agility: 330
  • Luck: 100

Sensei Abilities

After renouncing his evil ways, Tae Kwon Crow abandoned his katana, and now uses throwing stars, and more traditional fire roundhouse kick ninja abilities. He can also summon small Buzzer Beak helpers, as well as the Big Momma Buzzer Beak. His Fire Kick leaves behind a wall of fire, which can enhance Buzzer Beaks to do more damage and set his throwing stars on fire and deal more damage. A common battle tactic for using Tae Kwon Crow is to spawn a Buzzer Beak, kick it, and then start throwing shurikens.

If his Shuriken Slinger upgrade path is chosen, Tae Kwon Crow's throwing star abilities are enhanced. The effect and power of his shurikens depends on how long the attack button is held down for. He can throw 3 shurikens at once without building up power; throw 5 shurikens at once with a small build up; and launch 2 giant Ground Saws with a large build up, and can knock enemies up into air and come back to him. This upgrade path is best suited to long range combat.

If his Crow-mmando upgrade path is chosen, Tae Kwon Crow's Buzzer Beaks and Flame Kick attack are enhanced. He can now summon 3 Buzzer Beaks at once, which when kicked after purchasing Fury Beak deal even more damage than normal. He can also perform a new kick combo, allowing him to create a ring of fire around him. Even though this upgrade path might seem like it is geared towards spawning Buzzer Beaks, it is actually most effective at getting into the middle of enemies and fighting up close and personal.

Basic Abilities
These abilities are available from the start of the game.
Soul Gem Ability
Requires Soul Gem from:
Sensei Fire Realm
Sky-Chi Ability
Requires unlocking from the
Ninja Sensei Shrine
Shuriken Throw Flame Kick
Big Momma
Final Fire Flurry
Tae Kwon Crowprimarypower

Primary Ability
Press Attack 1 to throw ninja stars at nearby enemies.

Tae Kwon Crowsecondarypower

Secondary Ability
Press Attack 2 to do a spin kick, lighting the ground on fire.

Tae Kwon Crowsoulgempower
Price: 4000
Press and hold Attack 3 to call down the Big Momma Buzzer Beak
View Sky-Chi
Tae Kwon Crowskychipower
The ultimate Sensei attack! Hold Special Attack to perform your Sky-Chi Power! Use Left Stick to aim your shurikens!
View Soul Gem

Basic Upgrades
Skylanders can buy new abilities from Persephone/Power Pods.

Ricochet Shot Buzzer Beak Ignite Shurikens Fire Beak
Tae Kwon Crowbasicupgrade1
Price: 500

Your Shuriken Throw ninja stars now deal more damage and bounce between nearby enemies.

Tae Kwon Crowbasicupgrade2
Price: 700

Press Attack 3 to spawn a Buzzer Beak to fight for you.

Tae Kwon Crowbasicupgrade3
Price: 900

Throw ninja stars through your flame wall to increase their damage.

Tae Kwon Crowbasicupgrade4
Price: 1200

Press Attack 2 to kick your Buzzer Beak enraging it to be faster and more damaging.

Shuriken Slinger
View Crow-mmando
Master the art of the ninja with new charge up secret techniques.
Triple Shurikens Shuriken Flurry Ground Saws
Tae Kwon Crowpath1upgrade1
Price: 1700

Press Attack 1 to throw 3 ninja stars.

Tae Kwon Crowpath1upgrade2
Price: 2200

Press and hold Attack 1 for a short time to throw a flurry of 5 big shurikens.

Tae Kwon Crowpath1upgrade3
Price: 3000

Press and hold Attack 1 longer to throw a pair of ground saws.

View Shuriken Slinger
Fight up close with new kicks and more crow buddies.
Triple Kicks Buzzer Battalion Fury Beak
Tae Kwon Crowpath2upgrade1
Price: 1700

Press Attack 2 thrice to perform a Flame Kick combo.

Tae Kwon Crowpath2upgrade2
Price: 2200

Press Attack 3 to spawn 3 Buzzer Beaks to fight for you.

Tae Kwon Crowpath2upgrade3
Price: 3000

Your enraged Buzzer Beaks are even faster, do even more damage, and disappear with an explosion.


  • "Who dares disturb the Great Hawkmongous and his evil band of pirates?"
  • "We shall emerge from this battle victorious or my name isn't the Great Hawkmongous!"
  • "Let us fight!"
  • "No one captures me, twice!"

Trap Quotes

  • "Maybe I should have just played you at Skystones Smash again!"
  • "Why did my name get changed to Tae Kwon CROOOOOOOOWWWW....?!"
  • "Who dares beat me at Skystones Smash, defeat my minions, and now capture ME!? I still want to know!!"
  • "The Great Hawkmongous accepts his fate. And his new name of Tae Kwon Crow. Pretty cool actually."
  • "Who dares select meeeeeeee!!"
  • "I'll take it now!"
  • "The time of Ninja!"
  • "Katana chop!"
  • "Ninja star!"
  • "So if this is the Skylands Academy, does that make you a Skylander? Did I finally figure it out??"
  • "Shuriken!"
  • "Victory is MINE!"
  • "Who dares rate my abilities?! Although, these do look pretty spot on." - When checking stats
  • "Who dares speak my name? Well, whoever it is, I'm all for helping out." - Quest

Battle Cries

  • "Who dares face me?!"
  • "Tae Kwon Crow is here to steal the show!... And train Imaginators, make them tough, like me!" - Sensei Training Bonus
  • "And what is this? A secret technique for Ninjas? Booya!" - Secret Technique Bonus
  • "No barrier can stop Tae Kwon Crow! Except maybe emotional barriers. But I'm working on that!"
  • "Take flight!"
  • "Impressive!... Is probably what you're thinking right now?" - level up
  • "Onwards to graduate to this new level!"
  • "My greatest achievement! Well not literally, but still."
  • "Who dares to soon be defeated by me?"
  • "Junbi! Begin!" - Sky-Chi - Final Fire Flurry
  • "Ho ho! That was, like, Tae Kwon Whoa!" - End of Sky-Chi

Villain Theme ♫

Tae Kwon Crow's theme is Moon of Mid-Autumn, from APM Music.

Villain Quest



  • He is the second trappable villain who changes his name (the first being Threatpack).
  • He is the only bird villain with featureless eyes.
    • He is also the second playable bird character with featureless eyes, the first being Free Ranger.
  • He and Cross Crow are the only villains who are not accompanied by any other villain in a chapter.
    • Coincidentally, they are both crows.
    • Also, despite this, neither of their chapters have zones where Skylanders of their elements are stronger.
  • He is briefly seen in Stormblade's backstory in Dive, Dive, Dive!, being chased by the Sky Slicer.
  • He is the seventh playable ninja in the Skylanders series.
    • He and Nightshade are the only two ninjas to be trappable villains.
  • His name is a play on "tae kwon do", a Korean martial art. As well as that, at the start of his Sky Chi, Tae Kwon Crow says "Junbi!", which in Korean means "ready", implying that he can speak Korean.
  • Upon his first encounter with the Skylanders, Tae Kwon Crow didn't figure out who they were, even after his defeat.
  • When being captured, Tae Kwon Crow breaks the fourth wall when wondering why his name was changed to Tae Kwon Crow.
    • Refusing to play Skystones with him also has him gloat over keeping you stuck, as whenever he appears an invisible wall blocks the path further until he's beaten.
    • This makes him the second trappable villain to break the fourth wall. The first was Blaster-Tron and the third was Kaos.
    • This also suggests that the real names of the villains you capture also aren't the names they were given, not unlike some Skylanders.
  • In the Wii version, he doesn't change colors after evolving.
  • He is the only bird Villain to wear pants.
  • Tae Kwon Crow is one of six Villains who do not try to persuade the Portal Master into capturing them, let alone being aware of their ultimate fate. (the others being The GulperThreatpackChill BillLob Goblin, and Brawlrus).
  • Hood Sickle, Grave Clobber and Tae Kwon Crow are the first characters to change elements permanently. In his backstory, it is implied to be a change as simple as learning new skills and discarding others.
  • Tae Kwon Crow's Imaginators backstory implies he might have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), constantly desiring for things to be done the way he thinks is right, even if other people are the ones acting out of line, to the point of obsession.
  • He, Hood Sickle, Ninjini and Déjà Vu are the only Skylanders whose catchphrases end with a question mark.
  • Tae Kwon Crow's voice actor is Matthew Mercer, who currently voices Spyro and is known for his role as Prince Chrom from Fire Emblem: Awakening, and Prosecutor Nahyuta Sahdmadhi from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice.
  • Tae Kwon Crow is the only Ninja Sensei with a visible mouth.
  • While most Skylanders and Villains have one or two words in their names, Tae Kwon Crow is the first with three in his. (Not counting alternate counterparts, as they simply have additional titles.)
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