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T-Bone is a skeleton character who appeared in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. He is known for having a sarcastic sense of humor relating to the Undead. He is also afraid of spiders due to them always stealing his bones.


T-Bone has an ironic sense of humor and particularly likes undead-jokes. Being dead already, he seems indifferent to the whole 'end-of-the-world' thing. He also helps out because he thinks the Skylanders are 'ok' and seems to envy The Darkness, which he thinks is Undead business. T-Bone also has a fear of spiders, since they love to steal his bones.


Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

T-Bone first appeared out of the door leading the underworld of Skylands, but he was missing his bones and was left as a head. With the help of the Skylanders, he recovered his bones that was scattered around the beach of the Ruins and was able to walk again with a full body. T-Bone agreed to help the heroes retrieve the Skull Mask from Crawling Catacombs as thanks for recovering his body bones, but he soon ran off when a spider appears.

In Cadaverous Crypt, T-Bone was left behind when he and the Skylanders were separated upon entry to the Crypt. After they retrieved the Skeleton Key, T-Bone puts his head on the key as a joke, and he later opened the gate to the Creepy Citadel using the Skeleton Key. Afterwards, he stayed behind at the citadel's entrance while the Skylanders retrieved the Eternal Undead Source.

T-Bone later appeared at the party that was held after the Skylanders defeated Kaos.

Skylanders: Giants

T-Bone appears outside the Undead elemental gate in Cutthroat Carnival. He also appears in Fright Rider's Heroic Challenge.

Skylanders: Trap Team

T-Bone is one of the members of the band Skaletones where he is the drummer. He also appears in the Midnight Museum Expansion Pack as a Skystones Smash opponent.


  • One of the Trinkets in Skylanders: Trap Team is called T-Bone's Lucky Tie.
  • He is the only member of the Skaletones who doesn't wear a hat.
  • Though you can talk to him and go to the mentioned levels as an Undead person like Hex or Ghost Roaster, T-Bone will still describe and refer to the Skylanders as one of the living.
  • T-Bone's model was used for other skeletons buying Batterson's pies in the Darklight Crypt instead of Ghosts. This only happens on the Wii version of Spyro's Adventure and Giants.
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