“Fueled by disaster!”
    —Swashbuckler Doomlander's official catchphrase

The Swashbuckler Doomlander is the fourth Doomlander fought in Skylanders: Imaginators. She was created to stop the Skylanders from destroying the brainstorm caused by the Everlasting Thinking Cap, which was ripping apart Shellmont Shores. Off the bat, she has the Charger attack, but eventually gets the Bladenado Secret Technique. Once she loses her Headgear, Kaos makes lightning rain down on both the Skylanders and the Doomlander.


  • The Swashbuckler Doomlander was originally planned to be a Sorcerer before ending up as a Swashbuckler. [1]
  • The Swashbuckler, Quickshot and Brawler are the only Doomlanders that cannot be remade into Imaginators.



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