“I sure hope the racers are feeling tough today. They'll have to make it to the end of the course in one piece before time runs out! Better watch it out there-this could get nasty!”

Survival is a race mode in Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing. During the event, the Skylanders are poisoned and have to collect food in order to replenish their health.

Difficulty differences

  • On easy, they have to make it through the course in one lap while their health depletes by 15 health.
  • On medium, they must go through two laps with the damge getting bumped up to 25 on the second lap.
  • On hard, they must go through three laps with the third lap depleting 35 health.

Food recovery

  • Donut recovers 50 hp
  • Cake slice recovers 100 hp
  • Full cake recovers 200 hp
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