SuperChargers Issue 3 is the third and final chapter in the Secret Agent Secrets comic story arc. 


First story arc concludes! With the world crashing around them, Spyro and the Superchargers team race to save Skylands from certain doom!

Major events

  • Spyro and Kaos finally begin working together to lead the Skylanders Academy.
  • Softpaw frees Spitfire, Stormblade and Nightfall and explains that the Elite Skylanders, Boomer, Voodood and Ghost Roaster, were pretending to be evil the entire time in order to infiltrate Spellslamzer's operations.
  • Ghost Roaster remains on Spellslamzer's side, still believing that he and the other Elites will be tossed aside even if they turn in Spellslamzer.
  • Stormblade convinces Ghost Roaster that he is still a hero despite not receiving rewards in return for his efforts. This helps Ghost Roaster to ultimately defeat Spellslamzer and return to the side of good.

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