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SuperChargers Issue 1 is the first issue in the Skylanders: SuperChargers season in the Skylanders comic series. It is part of the Secret Agent Secrets story arc and takes place after the events of SuperChargers.


GET SUPERCHARGED! Join Spyro and all his Skylanders friends as they meet a new group of friends and embark on their most perilous journey to date!

Major events

  • Buzz's elite team of Skylanders, which consists of Voodood, Boomer and Ghost Roaster, has gone missing.
  • Spyro assigns Spitfire, Nightfall and Stormblade their first Skylander mission to find the missing Skylanders at their last known location in Motleyville.
  • Spitfire, Nightfall and Stormblade are ambushed by Spell Punks, but managed to defeat them.
  • The three SuperChargers are attacked and knocked unconscious by Voodood, Boomer and Ghost Roaster, who are now under the service of Spellslamzer.

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