The Sunscraper Spire is an Expansion Pack in Skylanders: Trap Team. It focuses on the Light element, and comes with the Light Trap Master, Knight Light, and a Light Trap.

The Sunscraper Spire emerges as a result of the appearance of the Light element. The towers crackle strongly with Light energy and are guarded by Cyclopses who manipulate the element. The Skylanders are sent to the Spire to investigate it, but discover something else lurking within.


In the past, the Doom Raider Luminous was imprisoned within Sunscraper Spire by Knight Light to prevent him from threatening Skylands again.

Elemental Gates

Areas to Find

  • Viewing Platform
  • First Quarter Island
    • Element - Air
      • Crystal Cavern
        • Element - Earth
  • Crystal Underpass
    • Element - Air
  • First Beam Control Floor
  • Second Quarter Island
  • Under-Hand Maintenance Area
    • Secret Platform
  • Second Beam Control Floor
    • Element - Light
  • Oubliette
    • Element - Villains
  • Crystal Corridors
    • Chamber of Dark Energy
      • Element - Dark
  • Crystal Caverns
    • Element - Light
  • Third Beam Control Floor
  • Fourth Beam Control Floor
  • Tricked You Tower

New Enemies

Wanted Villains

Villains Element
Luminous Villain Icon.png Luminous Light

3DS Levels

Sunscraper Spire

The mission is to shut down the defense mechanisms of Sunscraper Spire after they have gone haywire. The Skylander must destroy the crystals that are the defense systems of the Spire, which will defend themselves by generating light pulses that damages the Skylander and create crystal versions of enemies.



  • While the Cyclopses are enemies, they were preventing the oblivious Skylanders from unlocking the seals that imprisoned Luminous in the center Spire.
  • Despite Sunscraper Spire being stationed in the Light Realm, there is a Dark Elemental Gate within the area.
  • Several assets of this level were reused for the Sensei Light Realm in Imaginators.
  • Like the Midnight Museum, the figure used to represent this location appears as part of it (in this instance, it's "Tricked You Tower").
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