Sugarbats are the native creatures of Rampant Ruins in Skylanders: Swap Force. With their big eyes and ears, they are as sweet as sugar.[1] Sugarbats are usually harmless unless they are infected by the Petrified Darkness.

Many can be seen flying around the Rampant Ruins in the background and some can be seen as environmental animals flying in an area close to the evilized crystal dig site.

There is evidence of the skeletal remains of a large Sugarbat discovered by the Treemen researchers who were stationed in the Ruins. One big Sugarbat, though smaller than its much larger deceased predecessor, is evilized and must be defeated in order to revert it back to its original, harmless state.

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  • Their names could be played on by the words, "sugar glider" and "bat", especially since they do appear to share the same attributes with them.


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