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“They call me... The Light Eater.”
    —Strykore, Touch of Evil

Strykore, also known as The Light Eater and Ultimate Evil, is the overarching antagonist of the Skylanders Academy television series. As punishment for his evil actions in the Great War, he was sealed within the Book of Dark Magic; though he still orchestrated most of the events of Season 2 to gain his freedom.



Strykore's cunning surpasses even that of the Golden Queen, using his corruptible magic and lies to reach his goals. He does not seem to care about the disastrous effects of his light siphoning, nor about the balance between good and evil, and he has made clear his mission to destroy the Core of Light, no matter who he has to harm or even kill to get there.


Finally freed from his inter-dimensional prison, the villain formerly known as “that glowing pair of eyes” has arrived to reclaim his title as biggest baddie in all of the Skylands. And now that he’s back, he’s got quite the evil to-do list: seeking revenge on Eon and Kaossandra for locking him away, creating an army of dark and deadly soldiers, and finally destroying the Core of Light! The only thing standing in his way? That pesky son of his, Kaos, who is so desperate for daddy’s attention that he’s constantly thwarting all of Strykore’s evil missions. That’s family for you...


Strykore was made legend for his main ability: siphoning the light energy of beings to increase his own power, sometimes corrupting them into evil beings in the process, and he can enhance the darkness within his victims to keep them under control. Even without using it, he still has great dark magic, and can bestow (or alter the existing) powers of others from his prison inside the Endless Void of the Book of Dark Magic. His growing power also empowers many villains in Skylands (to the point even joke villains become genuine threats) and disrupts technology like a virus, causing mayhem long before being freed.

Once freed, Strykore showcases quite a few dangerous powers. Mainly, much like Cynder, he can turn into a shadow form to phase through attacks, and can release energy balls infused with dark energy.

Though he appears incapable of using astral magic, he can still manifest himself in the Dream Realm, with enough power to free anyone from Dreamcatcher's grasp temporarily.

Additionally, like Master Eon, he is capable of communicating with others telepathically by projecting his head in front of them.



Long ago, Strykore, along with his twin brother Master Eon and friend Kaossandra, were studying the magic arts. Over the years, Strykore grew arrogant and greedy, seeking to find a shortcut to become all-powerful. His quest for power led him to find illegal spell books that had the worst dark magic, which corrupted Strykore and warped his mind, turning him into a dark sorcerer. His goal was then to destroy the Core of Light to shroud the Skylands in darkness and rule over it, thus starting the Great War between the forces of light and darkness.

Strykore was feared as the "Light Eater" as he constantly devoured the light of anyone unfortunate enough to cross his path; at one point, he attempted to destroy the Core of Light by consuming the light of (and corrupting) its Dragon guardians, though they were stopped by Master Eon's desperate spells which sent them to another dimension. Eventually, Strykore was stopped. Master Eon was unable to bring himself to destroy his own brother, so Kaossandra sealed Strykore inside the Book of Dark Magic with Eon's help.

Following his imprisonment, Strykore's actions left behind a fearsome reputation, and forever "tainted" the participants of the war (such as Master Eon); in addition, it is heavily implied that everyone else thought the "Light Eater" (Strykore's personal title) was an entirely different being (as during his audience with Strykore, Kaos expressed gleeful surprise at learning Strykore was the Light Eater).

Season 1

Strykore empowered Kaos through the Book of Dark Magic, in an attempt to make him undo the curse with Chompy Mage's help in Crash Landing. When the book was taken by the Skylanders and returned to Kaossandra after an arduous struggle; however, he acted surprised before his manifestation was sealed back into the tome.

Season 2

Though his initial attempt at leaving the book was thwarted, Strykore had another method set in place: Kaos' empowerment started to drain Kaossandra's magic by the day, and the more the dark wizard gained strength to manifest, the less Kaossandra could keep him inside the book before he manifested from the Endless Void to interact with anyone within his power's reach. Over the course of the season, even weaker villains started to become real threats to the Skylanders.

Strykore contacting Dreamcatcher

Eventually, his powers did more than strengthen the evil of Skylands, and in Sheep(ball) Dreams, he finally reached out to Dreamcatcher by emptying the Dream Realm, making a deal with her to reveal the location of Kaossandra's Castle so he could be freed. Golden Queen, unbeknownst to him, was eager to use this information to take revenge on Kaossandra, but she was no stranger to his power and secretly planned to destroy him as well. However, his return wasn't secret for long, and after Dreamcatcher was taken in by the Skylanders during her amnesia, she told them about Strykore when he attempted to remind her of their deal.

In Touch of Evil, he deceived Kaos into believing he was his father and that Kaossandra betrayed and imprisoned him. He gave Kaos a portion of his power to get revenge on the Doom Raiders and robbed Kaossandra of her powers so he could free him, only to find that despite that, he was unable to free Strykore. So he tasked Kaos to find a Skylander whose light he can consume so that he could be free. During that time, Spyro was captured by Malefor and the evil dragon king broadcasteed his ransom to all of Skylands that was also witnessed by Kaos. Deciding to use Spyro, Kaos had Malefor hand Spyro over to him and brought the dragon before Strykore. Although Spyro tried to fight back, he was no match for the dark wizard and had a majority of his light devoured, allowing Strykore to finally return. The loss of Spyro's light corrupted him into Dark Spyro, and was now converted into Strykore's loyal servant.

Season 3

In Power Struggle, Strykore called in Dark Spyro (and Kaos) and the dark wizard discussed his plan on destroying the Core of Light. To achieve this, Strykore must acquire a powerful relic, the Iron Fist of Arkus, located at the Lost Island of Arkus. Knowledge of its location was a tightly guarded secret, but was entrusted by one person: King Pen. Strykore enlisted Dark Spyro to abduct King Pen for interrogation, but Kaos begged for Strykore to allow him to join in, and Strykore begrudgingly gave him permission.

Strykore attempting to interrogate King Pen

After Dark Spyro and Kaos captured King Pen, the dragon was able to easily interrogate the blindfolded Sensei into revealing the existence of the Map to Arkus, which was stationed somewhere at Skylanders Academy. Having gotten the information he needed, Strykore gave Dark Spyro the mission to infiltrate the Academy as a spy. The dark wizard then planned to kill King Pen to get rid of all the evidence, but Team Spyro invaded the castle to confront the sorcerer and barely escaped rescuing King Pen.

Throughout the season, Strykore would contact Dark Spyro via holographic head to check on his progress in stealing the Map of Arkus from the Skylanders, and eventually, the dragon's mission in opening the Wumpan Puzzle Box where the map was locked inside.

In Off to the Races, Strykore lost all patience with Dark Spyro and warned him to do whatever it takes to open the Wumpan Puzzle Box or else. He was furious when he saw that his dragon minion was actually helping the Skylanders during the race and that he changed his mind about his mission. When Stealth Elf discovered their alliance and left to warn the others, Strykore used the darkness in Dark Spyro to regain control of him and send him to destroy Elf.



Kaossandra was once his ally, but after her betrayal, he made no attempt to hide his hatred for her and taunted her at every attempt of sealing him when her strength started to wane.


Though he welcomed him as a son and offered him power and a spot to rule at his side, all is not as it may seem. Though Kaos was saved by his terrible memory, Strykore at first attempted to consume his power mercilessly to become free, and proceeded to lie about being his father to keep Kaos under his thumb. Despite this, Strykore did display genuine glee towards Kaos wanting to use his magic to free his mother, only to break her heart by revealing to her that he knew who Strykore was, and that he was the reason Kaos was able to free her. However over the course of Season 3, Strykore expressed annoyance with Kaos' attempts to bond with him. When Kaos personally presented him with the Map to Arkus, Strykore simply banished Kaos to an undersea prison cell when he completely outlived his usefulness.


When he is first introduced to Glumshanks, Strykore gained an urge to jam wheels inside the troll's ears and use him as a rickshaw, something Kaos had done to Glumshanks a month prior.


Strykore used Spyro’s light to free himself from the book he was trapped in, creating Dark Spyro. He used Spyro’s entire dragon race during the Great War in helping him spread evil and is quick to use Spyro in the same way to deceive and fight towards his destructive goals.

Dark Spyro

Strykore saw Dark Spyro as the perfect mercenary in his goal to steal the Map to Arkus from Skylanders Academy. However he has no qualms showing his displeasure to Dark Spyro and would threaten the young dragon when his mission wasn't being done as quickly as possible. He was furious with Dark Spyro when he decided to give up on his mission, forcing Strykore to regain control of him by enchancing the darkness within the dragon. Ultimately it appeared that he abandoned Dark Spyro to the Skylanders after the dragon was hesitating on fulfilling his original mission, and he showed no regard to his former minion afterwards when he acquired the Map to Arkus and seeing Spyro having returned to normal.




  • Though he has a significant amount of design changes from Master Eon's appearance, he uses a similar model, and also has robes colored opposite of Eon's.
    • Likewise, his name might be a reference to Hektore.
  • Strykore was created for the show as a threat to Skylands with family relationships towards various characters.[2]
  • Strykore's spells are actual phrases spoken in reverse, unlike the gibberish spells used by Kaossandra and Eon, and Skull's spells with only the words backwards. As of Season 2, he has only attempted one spoken spell, which when solved, puts his relationship with Kaos into question:
    • Let it consume you so once more I may live.
    • These spells are very similar to the ones used by DC Comics' Zatanna for her magic.
  • Strykore's voice actor, Fred Tatasciore, is known for voicing certain Skylanders including Snap Shot (both the canon version and show counterpart) and Zook. He is also well known for being the voice of menacing and/or powerful characters, such as Marvel characters Hulk and Ghost Rider.
  • Similarly to Kaossandra's magic, Strykore's magic has its own color, in this case black with red accents. His magic is by far the most powerful type of magic in the show, as the small amount he gave Kaos not only enabled him to effortlessly overpower all the Doom Raiders at once, but also enable him to free his mother from Golden Queen's imprisonment, steal back his original powers and those of his mother (it even briefly turned Kaos' blue forehead marking bright red in color).
  • Given Strykore's immense power, and malevolent nature, in comparison to Kaos, he is possibly the Skylanders Academy equivalent to The Darkness from the main canon, because of his ability to bestow power and the use of cunning plans to destroy Skylands rather than conquer it.
    • Like The Darkness, Strykore is responsible for "infusing" Spyro with darkness and corrupting him into Dark Spyro.
  • Once freed, Strykore demonstrates a rather unique speech trait: he will (usually towards the ends of his sentences) emphasize certain details with a deep growl.
  • He is five minutes younger than Eon.[3]


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