Storm Giants, also known as Storm Titans, are air-elemental creatures in the Skylanders series that reside in the Cloud Kingdom.

The Storm Giants are tall humanoids with clouds instead of legs. They are the ancient athletic heroes of Skylands who like to be number one in every event. Aside from being able to bench-press 250 tons, few things are important to the storm giants than their grand competitive games.[1] Competitve by nature, Storm Giants are constantly trying to prove they're greater than each other.[2] The most famous Storm Giant is the Air Skylander, Lightning Rod.

In Skylanders: SuperChargers, the Storm Giants are a sophisticated, high-society race that rarely allow mortals into their royal city, referring to them as the "underclass". One Storm Giant claims that they invented Skystones Overdrive and indoor plumbing, though the latter isn't as publicized in the Skylands.

Notable Storm Giants


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