“Those crazy thieves are at it again! This time, they're stealing sheep. Catch them all and rescue the sheep. Maybe using those push-blocks will help - good luck!”

Stop, Sheep Thieves! is a Heroic Challenge in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure that is unlocked by Dino-Rang. It uses the map of Molekin Mine and requires all six sheep to be rescued in under three minutes.

All six sheep are held by Hob ‘N’ Yaros that are scattered across the map. Once one is found, a small cutscene will usually play to confirm that a sheep has been located. The Hob ‘N’ Yaro will immediately attempt to run in the opposite direction; ranged Skylanders have an advantage here because they can defeat it before it gets too far to take down through combat. If the Skylander is unable to catch up to a Hob ‘N’ Yaro by any other means, there is usually a push-block designated for the sole purpose of being pushed in its way. Various rocks also block some paths, but there are no Mining Picks to break them down; instead, there is one location where bombs are found. There is a single teleporter located near the center of the map that will take the Skylander to one of the Hob ‘N’ Yaros.


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