The Stone Heads are large, tiki heads that float around and reside on Know-It-All Island. They know everything, as well as inform the player about the Doom Raiders and give money if the player listens, always talking in riddles and rhymes.

One Stone Head is featured in the "Head of Cheese" Villain Quest where it chases after Chef Pepper Jack when he steals his cheese in his jungle temple. Coming in contact with the angry Stone Head enables it to steal Chef Pepper Jack's time.


  • "I tell you about Chompy Mage. Chompy Mage like to dance. He also like to stompy. But thing he like most, is turn everyone to Chompy."
    • "No need to speak, I know why you're here. And why all of Skylands now trembles in fear!"(Rift into Overdrive)
  • "I tell you about Dreamcatcher. When time is for sleeping, or that is what it seem. But she will steal your secrets even while you dream."
  • "I tell you about Wolfgang. His claws are sharp and pointy. He howls up at the moon. It's doom for those who listen, when he plays his evil tune."
  • "I tell you about Golden Queen. She desires things like glitter, and trinkets she can hold. But most of all she after, things that made of gold."
  • "I have awakened!" "Who dares steal my cheese?!" (Head of Cheese)


  • The Stone Head of Know-it-All Island that speaks about Chompy Mage (in the Stuck-Up Steppes area) is the first friendly NPC to die onscreen in the series, being crushed into dust by the strength of a Rift along with the rest of the island in Rift into Overdrive. Being an inorganic being, it is not depicted violently, and possibly why it was allowed.
  • According to one of Chill Bill's Troll Radio broadcasts, their extremely accurate information has been known to eliminate the need for romance.
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